Retention Ponds

Koenders Windmills Keep Retention Ponds Healthy

Due to EPA regulations governing storm water runoff, there are literally tens of thousands of retention ponds in North America. Retention ponds collect the diverted runoff from streets and gutters and control the release of its water into nearby rivers and streams.

Retention ponds are also an extremely effective means of filtering out pollutants from runoff water before they enter into the natural streams and rivers. Traditionally, they have been known to remove 30-50% of the pollutants received from inbound sources.

In recent years, many proactive, environmentally friendly corporations are adding Koenders windmill aeration systems to their retention ponds and the results are very convincing. 50-80% of the inbound pollutants are being extracted from the water before releasing it. Examples of some of the pollutants that aeration is helping burn off are certain forms of bacteria, greases and oils, phosphorous and nitrogens.

What was originally designed to keep farm ponds healthy and clean are now making their way into retail, industrial and residential areas, Koenders Windmills.

Another reason that environmentally friendly companies are being prompted to review the health of their retention ponds are in response to the communities they serve, who are starting to raise concerns about the risks associated with the health of these ponds. Retention ponds that are dirty and not well circulated act as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. West Nile Virus and other mosquito carrying diseases are cause for local concern providing yet another key benefit for the implementation of Koenders Windmills Aeration Systems.

Low maintenance, self-operational, and with literally no costs of operation, the Koenders Uni-pole is the ideal solution to show local citizens community care and ensure local retention ponds remain healthy and clean.

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