Koenders Windmill Water Pumps

Many people complain about the challenges they have in keeping their ponds filled with water.

If this is an issue that you have then Koenders has two water pumping solutions that are ideal and they do not require any electricity for they run off the same windmill that aerates your pond.

The Koenders VT 6 is a well water pump that can pump up to 4 gallons per/minute of water from a shallow well.

The Koenders SW16 pond pump also pumps up to 4 gallons per/minute and is used for a number of applications.

The Koenders water pumps come with a 3 yr are only have 3 moving parts so the reliability is extremely high. In addition, they are very cost effective, one of the least expensive windmill water pumping solution on the market.

For less than $2000.00 you get a windmill, a pond aeration system and a water pump along with an industry leading warranty program.

For deeper wells there is also a pumping method called the AIR-LIFT method – view the details of this method by clicking onto our Koenders Water Pumps page.