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Koenders Shallow Water Pump SW16

Tired of carrying heavy buckets of water from your pond to a stock tank? Boy, do we have a solution for you. A Koenders Air-Driven Shallow Water Pump, “SW16” for short, is ideal for transferring water from your pond to a stock tank or cattle trough.

Water pumps are perfect for both trickle irrigation and water feeding and transfer, which can be done simultaneously while aerating your pond. Powered by our windmill or electric aerator system, it is a great addition to your homestead.

One advantage to pumping water to a reservoir is keeping the main water source free from livestock and bacteria. The resulting cleaner water actually increases weight gain and prevents disease. Plus, livestock even prefer drinking cleaner, easily accessible water.

Ever wonder how long it took Jack and Jill to fetch a pail of water? What if that pail came from a 40 foot well? What if all they needed was a pump to transfer water? Wonder no more.

The Koenders Air-Driven Well Pump, dubbed Verta 6

The Koenders Verta 6 well water pump is perfect for pumping in remote well locations without the use of electricity and fits in standard 6″ well casings. It easily transfers water from a well to a pond or a stock tank. The pump can lift up to a 40′ depth
and should be submerged in at least 6′ of water for effective operation.

Why choose the Verta 6?
This pump functions with both the Koenders Windmills and the Electric Aerator (EL2). And because the Verta 6 is air driven, not electric, customers have less worry about electrical frays, shortages, and possible water damage. What’s more, this is no ordinary water pump. When connected to a windmill running at 3-5 mph winds, or and EL2, the self-governing design pushes air through the pump, thus forcing water to lift up.

If only Jack and Jill had a Verta 6.

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