Published on: March 18, 2019

Spring is time for clearing up your property from the winter damage. Your pond/dugout should not be neglected during Spring cleaning. Here’s a guide to help you get your pond back in shape and ready for warmer temperatures!

1. Treat your pond with conditioner for a healthy Season – Nature’s Pond Conditioner’s Spring & Summer blend is formulated to make Spring pond cleaning easy for you. This natural all-in-one formula of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, plant extracts, and food grade dye feasts on excess nutrients that cause pond problems in the first place. It reduces muck and sludge instead of adding to it and promotes a natural and healthy eco-system. Nature’s Pond Conditioner improves water quality for healthier fish, livestock, pets, birds, wildlife etc… and creates a natural looking blue/green colour that adds to the beauty of your pond. It is also completely safe for human.

Visit https://www.naturespondcare.com/products/pond-conditioner.html to learn more about Nature's Pond Conditioner Spring/Summer Blend and get your own bottle to get started!

Nature's Pond Conditioner

2. Aeration is the best way!! - After the Winter depletes your pond of oxygen, aeration is the best way for your pond to make a full recovery. Many pond owners will see dead fish in their pond. This is because of a lack of oxygen. Winter is a time when oxygen levels lowest and the water is at its coldest; not a healthy environment for fish or for ponds that need to decompose algae, weeds and other nutrient run off that have found their way into the bottom of the pond. As the sun heats up the pond, this nutrient load sediment will mix with the rest of the pond which will lead to rapid algae growth and more problems as the temperatures get warmer.

Aerating “the process of dissolving additional oxygen into water” is the best way to avoid pond stagnation. For best results use bottom up aeration (windmills, electric and solar aerators) vs surface aerators (fountains), they are 8-10 times more efficient at dissolving oxygen into water.

Visit https://www.koenderswatersolutions.com/product_type.html or call 1877-888-7707 to go through our range of windmills, electric and solar aeration systems.

3. Clean out unwanted aquatic vegetation with the Nature’s Pond Cutter n’ Rake. Many toxic chemical products advertise that the best way to get rid of unwanted plants is to kill them off. This is simply not true! When you treat a pond with a herbicide or algaecide the dead organic debris sinks to the bottom of your pond and zaps all the oxygen from the water as it decomposes. This causes much more harm than good. Always read the labels and ingredients on a treatment bottle and not just look at the pictures. Removing unwanted vegetation is a critical step to a healthy body of water.

4. Plant new vegetation – rain gardens and planting vegetation around the pond is a great way to protect it from nutrient pollution and run off. Spring runoff entering your pond is very rich in nutrients and can increase the nutrient load in the water, leading to more algae, muck and sludge problems. One way you can protect your pond from run-off is by planting vegetation around the edge of your pond to filter the nutrients out before the water flows into the pond. Make sure to do your research on which species to plant that are good for your area and that are non-invasive.

5. Check your equipment for maintenance needs – whether you have electric, solar, or windmill powered aeration system, Spring is the perfect time to ensure all your equipment is running properly and up to date on its maintenance. Check your aeration equipment, fountains, airlines for leaks, bearings and diaphragms. You may also want to consider pulling up your airstone diffuser from the pond and cleaning it. Ensure all your equipment is in working order before you plan on adding to the aesthetic features of your pond this year.

6. Have a pond plan. Spring is the perfect time to think about how you plan on taking care of your pond and adding to its aesthetic this year. Thinking about adding aeration? Need to restock it with fish? Maybe some pond dye will freshen up its look this year? Now’s the time to start thinking and planning so that your pond can be ready to enjoy this season. Perhaps you want to look at a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to take care of your water? If so, learn more by visiting naturespondcare.com

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