Customer Experience - Jim Langer's Pond Story

Published on: September 09, 2020

"Leaving More to the Land Than As We Came To It"

Jim Langer Jr from Northeast Wisconsin considers himself a conservationist with a strong environmental awareness. He had a 33-year career in the nuclear power industry as Shift Manager and has a clear understanding of mechanical equipment issues and quality.

"I found the important Koenders Windmill components were made in Canada like the poly-tubing and in the USA like the Garlock diaphragm. I was pleased to see the hardware was mostly grade 5 bolts of great quality for exterior use. They even included a bag of spare hardware in case I dropped and lost a few pieces. I just went out and checked the “Mill” and see NO apparent rust on the components after two years use. I expect it will serve my land for the rest of my term here…hopefully the next guardian of this land also," stated Jim.

Jim's "Preserve"

As a 16-year old, Jim was allowed to hunt on a gentleman’s 40 acre “Preserve” and it inspired him to build the same as an adult. He started his own "Preserve" when he was 30. Jim is now pleased to see that it has matured with him and hopes the property can inspire another generation. "This year I have my 1st acorns dropping, which should be great for deer, turkey, and squirrel…maybe some ducks too," he exclaimed.

Jim's “Preserve” is 40 acres upland and lowlands on which he dug a 1/3-acre pond with average 10’ depth, the deepest being 14’. He also added a shallow diked wetland of 2 acres great for the ducks and deer to hide in the surrounding willow/cattails. He planted 10,000 trees over the years including red oak, red and white pine, white spruce, balsam fir, tamarack/larch, white cedar for winter food source, green ash, black and white walnut.

The Pond

Jim dug his 1/3-acre pond from an existing 20’ diameter pothole, with a big backhoe and dump truck. "Now that I have an aerator windmill, I planted hybrid bluegill, crappie, and perch recently. Then I added some rainbow trout for winter ice fishing fun, right out my back door. I have seen an otter, many ducks, mink, crane-not all of which are fully welcomed as they eat my fish, but it comes with the total package ecosystem.

I even watched an eagle this summer, drop out of nowhere to make a splash and fly off with one of my 13” rainbow trout! Ha ha ha. I am sure it will be back. At least twice a black bear has passed through the “Preserve”. You ought to hear how loud the peepers and frogs are in Spring and early summer.

I don’t recall them being so loud until I put the pond and shallow wetland in. It is awesome!" stated Jim.

Using Koenders Windmill and Nature's Pond Conditioner

In addition to Koenders Windmill, Jim uses the Nature’s Pond Conditioner-Ultra Concentrate for all year use and the Nature’s Pond Dye. "This is a choice we all have to help our ground water and environment," said Jim.

Jim used to control Winter oxygen levels by clearing the snow to allow photosynthesis to occur with phytoplankton. That worked for 3 years until he had a winter with thick cloudy ice. His 3-year old small mouth 10” bass were dead under the ice come Spring. He explained that now he has grandchildren to prepare the pond for, and he did not want them swimming or eating fish from a pond with toxic chemicals added. "The fish forage in the water I control, absorbing what I treat it with. So why would I want to put harsh chemicals in it to control the weeds and muck? So that is why I chose the Nature’s Pond Conditioner and food grade dye to help maintain my pond and food source. Additionally, I have always considered my pond to be an emergency water source available to me, should we have a crisis and shortage-maybe like this Covid pandemic. I could strain, boil and drink it or any water needs, as long as I do not treat it with harsh chemicals," said Jim.

When asked if he would recommend Koenders Water Solutions and Nature's Pond brand of products, this is what he said, "I would recommend the Nature’s Pond Care products as a healthy choice to enhance the benefits and bring out the full potential of a pond and its contribution to the quality of life on our properties. It helps treat the muck that can accumulate over time, and minimizes excessive algae effects. It is healthier for every critter that interfaces with my pond, besides myself."

Watch Jim's Koenders Windmill Review Here

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