Nature’s Pond On A Major Environmental Concern – WATER

Published on: January 31, 2020

Around the world, fresh water resources are quickly becoming a major concern for our planet’s existence. Water is listed in the top 5 of the World’s most pressing environmental issues. While technically, most of the Earth is made up of water, a part of the population live in areas of physical water scarcity. Usable fresh water amounts to less than 1% of the total water that resides on Earth. It is one of the most precious resources we have, yet we continue to pollute it.

According to Planet Earth Herald, “many experts believe that in the near future water will become a commodity just like Gold and Oil. Some experts say that wars will be fought over who owns the water supply.”

In addition, climate change is having an adverse effect on our fresh water resources. Climate change is making seasons and weather patterns unpredictable; with droughts affecting regions one year and floods destroying the very same regions the next. Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere along with rising temperatures are causing pest outbreaks, overgrowth of weeds, and risk of disease. This negatively affects farmers around the world and puts a strain on our food supplies.

An article published on Inhabitat, states that the degradation of water quality not only creates supply problems for the world’s people, but also has an extreme impact on marine life. Whether it’s caused by storm water, runoff from cities or farms, dumping from industry, we’re increasingly filling our rivers, seas and oceans with toxic pollutants.

Another issue is that water resources are under significant strain from the effects of nutrient pollution, caused by poor water management practices. Traditional approaches are creating a toxic cycle in which phosphorus, a common nutrient found in fertilizer enters the body of water from animal waster, crop and soil runoff. The phosphorus levels cause an overgrowth of weeds and algae that needs to be managed.

A traditional approach would be to use herbicides and algicides, harsh chemical-based products to eradicate the algae and weed problem. But, the chemicals only kill the aquatic vegetation, which then sink to the bottom to decay, creating a sediment of muck and sludge that pollutes the water further, depleting oxygen from the water and adding even more nutrient load to an already suffering body of water.

New and sustainable practices are working to break this cycle with the use of natural products to revive our planet’s fresh water. Nature’s Pond powered by Koenders Water Solutions has a proven resolution to these fresh water challenges we face around the world and is working to improve the world’s water the natural way.

Nature’s Pond was created to promote natural solutions to keep fresh water resources healthy and clean as an alternative to traditional chemical-based treatments. In a further effort to reduce chemical use, Nature's Pond developed a line of natural based cleaning products. All of Nature's Pond products are 100% bio-degradable and made from natural based ingredients helping people enjoy healthier lives while saving the planet's water nature's way.

Nature’s Pond three-step program is designed to fight phosphorus and nutrient pollution in ponds. With three simple steps you can Renew, Revive, and Remove to:

  • Create clean, clear water
  • Remove algae and weeds
  • Reduce pond sludge and odors
  • Be safe for people, pets, plants, fish, birds, livestock and wildlife

Step 1 – Renew

Nature's Pond Conditioner is made from a natural blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, plant extracts and a food-grade dye. This powerful formula goes to work breaking down and consuming phosphorus and other polluting nutrients to start the process towards clean and clear water.

Step 2 – Revive

Once the phosphorus and other polluting nutrients have been broken down, "bottom up" aeration infuses the water with oxygen, allowing the digested nutrients to make its way out of the pond and into the air. Visit Koenders Water Solutions to find out more about our Windmill, Electric and Solar Aeration Systems for "bottom up" aeration.

Step 3 – Remove

Finally remove unwanted aquatic vegetation manually to maintain the health of your pond with the Cutter n’ Rake.
By following our simple, cost-effective 3-step program, you can eliminate the effects of phosphorus and improve the health of your pond, naturally.

For more information about Nature’s Pond Care, Click Here.

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