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Published on: July 29, 2021

Pond Algae is usually a sign of an unhealthy pond. The heat of the Summer and also the arrival of Spring often present a problem for pond owners as the beautiful, clear water of their ponds disappears beneath a blanket of lime green, slimy, stinky pond algae and pond scum. “Pond Algae or Pond Scum” is a popular term for aquatic algae, which tends to “bloom,” or flourish as the water warms up - in the Summer and at Springtime. This tends to spread over the top of the pond like an unwelcome green and brown blanket of unsightly, odorous vegetation.

Aquatic algae are classified as plants, but unlike most plants, it has no roots, stems, or leaves. Pond algae can be found either floating on the pond surface or attached to other plants, bottom sediments or other hard surfaces.

Pond algae can be narrowed down into three categories even though there are literally hundreds of types of aquatic algae; microscopic algae, filamentous algae and attached-erect algae.

Microscopic Algae

Microscopic algae, also called phytoplankton, are tiny, free-floating algae that give the pond water its characteristic green color. Microscopic algae are the primary producers of dissolved oxygen in pond water. The presence of a healthy level of microscopic algae in a pond is important for maintaining good water quality and the health of the aquatic organisms in the pond, such as fish.

What tends to happen with unhealthy ponds is that too much Microscopic algae exists especially during the warm days of summer. Then there is a sudden die-off of it, which depletes the dissolved oxygen levels in the water. This depletion of oxygen can kill other aquatic organisms as well as fish.

By having excess amounts of dissolved oxygen in your water source, this should never occur. Koenders Windmill/ Electric / Solar Aeration Systems helps in preventing this from happening, especially when paired with Nature's Pond Conditioner, which consumes excess nutrients polluting the pond.

It is important to look for a change in the color of the water that might signal that a bloom of microscopic algae is taking place. This color change would be from the clear water of the healthy pond to a bright denser green color like soup.

Filamentous Algae

Pond Algae called green filamentous algae is one that gives pond owners some of the biggest challenges. There are a lot of types of green filamentous algae that can survive in both cold and warm water and can blossom in early spring.

To identify if you have these forms of algae in your pond look at the sides of the water in the more shallow areas where sunshine is predominant. It is here that the algae join together and create long strands resembling thin grass or hair. They grow in fur-like balls along the pond bottom and edges of the pond and as more and more grow they float to the surface and form dense blankets of algae.

Sudden die-offs of green filamentous algae blooms can create very poor water quality along with extremely unattractive and odorous conditions as the dead algae decay. Again, with the presence of increased levels of dissolved oxygen, many of these conditions can be avoided. Koenders Aeration Systems along with its airstone diffuser kits dissolve high levels of oxygen into your pond, preventing these situations from arising.

Attached Erect Algae

Attached-erect algae is a less common problem for pond owners, it resembles an underwater plant and grows at the bottom of ponds, causing an inconvenience for anglers and an unenjoyable experience for swimmers.

Attached-erect algae are sometimes called musk grass and are often mistaken for more advanced pond plants because it resembles a higher plant with leaf-like structures arranged about a long stem-like structure.

Pond Algae Control

There are many ways to try and control algae. For example, you can try to ensure that excess nutrients, leaves, rain runoffs do not flow into your pond, there are types of fish that can be added to your pond that will eat the algae before it blooms. The most effective ways remain to be dissolving additional levels of oxygen in your water and maintaining a healthy level of nutrients in the pond.

Koenders Water Solutions are the leaders in the world for providing cost-effective, self-operation windmill, electric and solar aeration systems. They are environmentally friendly, with the avoidance of chemical treatments. Combined with All-Natural Nature's Pond Conditioner and Cutter N Rake, you have the perfect, natural, complete solution to pond algae and healthy pond maintenance.

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