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What are my shipping options?

For orders placed in Canada, we primarily ship through Purolator using their tracked service or Canada Post. For customers who only provide a P.O. Box address, your order will be shipped Canada Post, untracked. We highly recommend a physical address, so we can ship through Purolator and provide you with a tracking number.

Orders in the USA are shipped mainly by UPS, however very small orders can also be shipped by United States Postal Services. Both services can be tracked.

For International Overseas and very large orders, we use the best shipping quote to provide our customer with the most cost-effective and timely service. International orders are shipped out of our Canada warehouse.

When will my order be shipped?

Depending on when your order was placed, we generally ship out between 3-5 business days from our warehouse. Canadian and International Overseas orders are shipped from our warehouse in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. USA orders are shipped from our warehouse in Indiana for liquid products or our warehouse in New York for equipment and maintenance items. Delivery time will vary based on your location and delivery provider.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is fulfilled, a tracking number will be sent to the email address on your order, which you can use to track through the delivery provider’s website, that is, Purolator or UPS. If you do not have an email address, please call 1-877-888-7707 ext. 24 and we will be happy to provide you with a tracking number.

Orders shipped through Canada Post, will not have a tracking number attached.

For any issues or queries, please email

How do I cancel or change my order?

Orders can be cancelled ONLY by contacting us at 1877-888-7707 or emailing You will speak to one of our representatives and a refund will be processed accordingly.

What is your return and exchange policy?

Our Policy for Authorized Product Returns for Refund covers ALL Koenders Water Solutions products. Nature’s Pond Liquid Products are NOT covered by this policy.

The specific conditions for returning products under this Policy are as follows:

  1. Koenders Water Solutions Inc. will consider the return and refund of any product ordered by mistake or was no longer required within 30 days from delivery date.
  2. Call our Customer Service Team at 1-877-888-7707 ext 23 in the first instance to request a Return Materials Authorization Number (RMA) and details of where and how to ship the product back to.
  3. An RMA number must be obtained prior to returning any product for restocking. Any product returned without an RMA number is not eligible for a refund.
  4. All requests to return products must be made within 30 days of order delivery date.
  5. Any request to return products for refund must be made by the original purchaser. Proof of purchase and original order number is required.
  6. All returned products are subject to a restocking fee as follows:
    • Unopened and still in the original packaging is subject to a 20% restocking fee.
    • Opened and in original, unused condition (not installed) is subject to a 35% restocking fee.
  7. The product being returned should be shipped in an appropriate and secure manner at the customer’s expense, with the customer’s name and address and the RMA number clearly marked on the outer packaging.
  8. Refunds will be processed against the original order number and the same credit card used to pay for original order. If payment was made by cheque, then refund will issued within 5 business days.

Do you ship outside of North America?

Koenders Water Solutions/ Nature’s Pond Care ships Worldwide. It is recommended that for customers outside North America call 1877-888-7707 or email to place orders to ensure the best value and service is given.

Back Order Products

While we do our best to make sure our inventory is always available to ship out once an order is placed, please note that products may be delayed for different reasons. Orders will ship as soon as products are on hand and communication will be sent immediately. Please contact us at 1877-888-7707 to get updates.

Damaged Items

We’re so sorry to hear your order arrived in less than perfect condition! In the unlikely event that you have received an item that is damaged or incorrect, please notify us immediately. We will work with you to arrange a return, replacement or refund.

Damaged items must be reported within 7 days of receipt. All damages should be reported by calling 1877-888-7707 or emailing, be sure to include your order number.

Missing Items

We are very sorry for missing any items that should have shipped with your order. Please contact us by calling 1-877-888-7707 ext.23 or emailing to report missing parts and these will be shipped as soon as possible.


We’re happy to offer the option to pre-order products before the time you need to use it based on your pond treatment schedule. You can call 1-877-888-7707 to speak to a Pond Care Specialist to discuss pond treatment schedules and pre-order items to be shipped out when needed. You may specify your preferred date of delivery and you will get an email once your item is fulfilled.



What does the Warranty cover?

Warranty covers all Koenders Water Solutions windmill aeration products* for a period of 12 months from Date of Purchase, against defects in workmanship or material. The conditions of the Warranty and the extent of the responsibilities of Koenders Water Solutions Inc. under this Warranty are as follows:

  • Koenders Water Solutions Inc. will repair or replace, any part or material deemed to be defective by Koenders Water Solutions Inc., due to quality and/or workmanship, within a 12-month period from the initial purchase date for our windmill aeration systems.
  • Product returned for Warranty repair must be returned to the address specified by the Manufacturer, and any warranty product sent to the customer will be sent freight prepaid.
  • Warranty does not apply to product which has been subject to abuse, neglect, accident or incorrect installation.
  • Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from severe weather factors.
    * Private Insurance coverage is recommended *
  • When a Pressure Release Valve has not been used, warranty coverage may not apply to damages incurred to an Aeration system as a result of blocked line. The use of a Freeze Control Unit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in geographical areas where freeze up may be a concern.
  • If parts other than genuine Koenders parts are utilized for repair or attached to a Koenders Aeration system, warranty coverage may be void at Koenders option.
  • Proof of Date of Purchase is required for warranty service. Since the customer is responsible for assembly, set up and installation, please follow our product installation instructions carefully, to ensure the validity of warranty claims.
  • Warranty does not cover supplemental loss or damages arising from failure of the windmill or electric aerator to function properly. Customer must check system regularly to ensure the unit is functioning according to their requirements. Koenders Water Solutions Inc. and its retailers, distributors, dealers and any other partners do not cover loss of fish, wildlife or any other consequential damages as a result of product failure or use.
  • If you have any warranty concerns or would like to purchase extended warranty on your products, please contact Koenders Water Solutions Inc. at 1-877-888-7707.


We are happy to repair any damaged product whether under warranty or not. If it is NOT under warranty, all repair charges will be covered by you, the customer. Please contact us at 1-877-888-7707 or email to report a needed repair. Instructions will be given to guide you on shipping back the item for repair.


Shopping Online

Is my online confirmation sheet considered an official receipt?

Yes, your order confirmation is your receipt of purchase and should be retained for your records.

What payment methods can I use to shop online?

Major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

How do I check on my order status?

Please contact us at 1877-888-77707 to inquire on the status of your order.

Will my credit card company charge me any additional fees for an online purchase?

No, you will not be charged additional fees for purchasing online.

My order cannot be completed because it states that it does not ship to where I live.

For all customers placing an order from Canada, please ensure you are on the correct website

For customers placing an order from USA, please ensure you are on

For customers wanting to place an order from International Overseas, please contact our sales department at 1877-888-7707 or email us at

Offline Products

If there is a specific product you want to purchase but cannot locate on our online store, please contact us at 1-877-888-7707 or email and we will be happy to complete that order request on your behalf.


Popular Product Questions

How much Nature's Pond Conditioner Do I need?

First, figure out the surface area of your pond. Next, figure out the depth of your pond and use the estimation guide below to determine how much NPC you need.

Treatment Recommendations

How do I apply the Nature's Pond Conditioner treatment?

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is easy to apply. For aerated ponds, pour bottle contents near aeration bubbles. For un-aerated ponds, dilute in a ratio of 10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of concentrate and pour it throughout your pond.

Does temperature affect my pond treatment?

Nature’s Pond Conditioner Spring/Summer Blend works in water temperature above 15°C/60°F

Fall/Winter blend contains a bacteria protector to be more effective in cooler water. It works in water temperature around 10°C/50°F

Do I need to add any other products to my pond in addition to Nature's Pond Conditioner to get results?

Nature’s Pond Conditioner is an All-In-One product, which means you can easily care for your pond with ONE solution. Our concentrated and proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and plant extracts aggressively break up and consume the sludge, organic runoff and debris along your shoreline and at the bottom of your pond, while our food-grade dye enhances the color of your water.

How does Nature's Pond Conditioner work?

  1. A food-grade dye enhances natural water color
  2. Aerobic bacteria and enzymes consume excess nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen which helps to maintain and get ponds clean and clear
  3. Anaerobic bacteria work to consume pond sludge and muck (up to 12 inches a year!)

Does Nature's Pond Conditioner work without aeration?

While NPC does work without aeration, it would require much more frequent application and would not be as effective. The additional oxygen that aeration provides creates an optimal environmental for NPC to work efficiently.

Is Nature's Pond Conditioner safe for my fish?

Yes! NPC is made of all-natural ingredients and will not harm fish, livestock or humans. Your oxygen levels should be at least 2 ppm to make sure your fish remain healthy.

How long do I have to wait to see results after applying Nature's Pond Conditioner?

Assuming adequate amount of treatment was added, you should see results in approximately two weeks. This will depend on the pond nutrient load and amount of oxygen in the water.

My water has a high turnover rate. Can I use Nature's Pond Conditioner?

Depending on the inflow and outflow frequency of the water, Nature’s Pond Conditioner can still be used but the number of treatments needed may be increased.

I have a strong odor coming from my pond water. Will Nature's Pond Conditioner help?

NPC will assist with strong odors by decreasing the sludge and muck, which is often the cause of a smelly pond.

Can I use Nature's Pond Conditioner if I have already used an algaecide or herbicide to kill weeds?

Yes! Even though we do not condone this practice, NPC will consume the organic matter that you have killed off and has sunk to the bottom of the pond. The most sustainable practice is to remove the unwanted aquatic vegetation with a Cutter N’ Rake.

What causes algae and weeds?

Algae and weeds are caused by nutrient pollution entering the water, from things such as agriculture fertilizer, sewage run-off, grass clippings, bird, fish, and animal waste, and fossil fuels.

Nature’s Pond Care program combats the problem of ugly and unhealthy ponds at the source!

Why is 'Bottom Up' Aeration important?

A pond can become depleted of oxygen for many reasons. The best way to restore a body of water’s oxygen levels is through AERATION. Adequate levels of oxygen are required to support life within the pond ecosystem. Fish need oxygen the same way we do, the main cause of fish kill in ponds is due to a lack of oxygen. Bacteria also require oxygen to allow respiration. Bacteria play a key role in ponds to break down organic matter in the water to reduce muck and sludge from settling on the bottom of ponds.

Bottom up aeration is considered the most efficient way to aerate ponds and is found to be up to ten times more effective than surface aeration.

Read more about the difference between Surface Aeration and Bottom Up Aeration HERE.

How often should I maintain my windmill or electric aeration system?

Check major components yearly to ensure no damage can be seen.

How often should I replace the filters in my electric aerator?

It is recommended to do an air intake filter replacement bi-annually on your unit. Depending on the model, the air intake filter will be located on the outside of the unit or on the inside attached to the motor. Replacing the filter will ensure maximum airflow as well as help protect the motor from debris and dust. (Purchase here)

Why would I need a freeze control system for my windmill or electric aeration system?

Freezing can cause damage, wear and tear on aeration systems. If you are in a colder climate then we recommend attaching the Koenders Freeze Control Unit. Whenever you compress air, condensation can form in the airline and can create an ice blockage if it is cold. With a freeze control unit, alcohol will automatically be injected to melt the ice. This will help ensure aeration during winter as well as help protect the compressor from backpressure due to blockages. It is recommended that Isopropyl Alcohol at 90-99% purity be used. (Purchase here)

I use a Freeze Control Unit on my HD Electric Aerator; do I need a Bleed-off Valve?

In rare climate and aeration combinations, ice will build rapidly in the airline, causing the HD Freeze Kit to operate too frequently. In those situations, a Bleed-Off Valve should be installed to reduce the airflow, which is, moisture going into the airline. Full aeration can resume in the Spring. Please call 1877-888-7707 to order.

How much pressure does the compressor produce?

The compressor can produce from 25-30psi, which is enough pressure to aerate 57′ – 70′ of water. As the water gets deeper, it will also take more wind to turn the fan because of the water pressure. All compressors are factory tested and set for the proper pressure. Changing settings will not result in an increase of air volume and can result in damage to your compressor not covered by warranty.

What is the difference between a regular airline and weighted airline?

The hard-plastic airline is the regular airline that is connected to the compressor. The thick rubber airline (optional) is the weighted airline and is used in the pond. Weighted airline settles to the bottom of the pond and helps remove condensation as the airline slopes with bottom of the pond.

Do I really need to put my Airstone Diffuser in a bucket before putting it in my pond?

It is recommended that the Airstone be installed in a plastic pail to reduce it stirring up the pond or dugout mud as well as to help keep debris off the Airstone. It is also recommended that you run a nylon rope through two slides of the pail, not the handle, so that you can retrieve it at any time. (Purchase here)

See diagram for reference

Is a Fountain effective enough for pond aeration?

Fountains (Surface Aeration) pump water into the air, creating small droplets that collect oxygen from the atmosphere and fall back into the water. It helps control top level algae and weeds, but they do not aerate down to the bottom of pond, where oxygen is needed most. The bottom of ponds is also where dead organic matter such as weeds and algae and other nutrient waste sink down to decay. If there is no oxygen at the bottom of the pond to support the bacteria breaking down waste, a build up of muck and sludge will occur and require costly dredging to remove.

Bottom up Aeration systems are 5-10 times more effective than surface aeration. It achieves total pond aeration from bottom, up to the top regardless of the depth of the water.

What are the Bacteria in the Nature's Pond Conditioner pond treatment?

Bacteria are microscopic living organisms that are found in all matter, some are beneficial, and some are not. The ones that have been tested and proven in our Nature’s Pond blend are beneficial in the decomposition process of organic matter found in ponds and lakes. Note that not all blends of bacteria are created equal! Our blend of both anaerobic (extremely low oxygen levels required) and aerobic (requiring oxygen) bacteria have been proven to work and field tested in tens of thousands of ponds in all regions and climates of the world.

Bacteria replicate at different rates depending on the selection of bacteria being used and the environments where they are exposed. Bacteria are essentially the makers of enzymes; as they consume various kinds of organic matter and different forms of waste they excrete enzymes. They also convert consumed organic matter into non-toxic by-products such as C02 (carbon dioxide) and H20 (water), leaving no toxic residues in their wake.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner’s blends of bacteria are 100% natural, safe and non-pathogenic. They consume the muck and sludge at the bottom of the ponds, lakes as well as the suspended nutrients in the water resulting in healthy, clean and clear water. A natural, sustainable approach to pond and lake care.

What are the Enzymes found in Nature's Pond Conditioner?

Enzymes are NOT living organisms, they are biological molecules (typically in the form of proteins) that help speed up almost all chemical reactions. Some enzymes help bind molecules to make new ones, while others break down larger molecules to help in the digestion process or decomposition process.

Having the right enzyme mix already present in any formulation can dramatically speed up the decomposition process of organic matter. Unlike bacteria, enzymes cannot reproduce themselves and they do not actually consume the waste. They are, however, essential in breaking down organic waste so that bacteria can consume it.

Nature’s Pond Conditioner has a formulation of enzymes already present in its blend to ensure bacteria has a readily available food source for its never-ending appetite for organic waste.

What are the Chemicals found in Nature's Pond Conditioner?

Chemicals are not living organisms, they are any substances that are either liquid, solid or gas. The chemicals we are trying to avoid in our ponds, lakes and water ways come in the form of detergents, pesticides, algaecides, corrosive acids and metals.

Chemicals cannot reproduce themselves and have a one-time impact with immediate and sometimes detrimental effects. Pond chemicals are widely used and are mostly promoted as magical remedies for pond care problems. Chemicals cannot take the place of bacteria and enzymes, they are short lived, not sustainable, environmentally harmful, and not nearly as effective leaving toxic residue in its path.

Harsh and Dangerous Chemicals are promoted to reduce sludge and muck, though their usage increases health risks to the users, water, environment and wildlife. There are less toxic chemicals that are also promoted to do this same function, but they are not as effective at oxidizing the sludge and muck as natural bacteria and enzymes.

Other harsh chemicals are promoted to get water clean and clear however in doing this they are leaving toxic residue behind. This toxic residue has harmful impacts on the water and everything in it or that comes in contact with it such as crops, livestock, and wildlife.


"Our pond brings a great deal of pleasure to me, thus I want to keep it algae and muck free especially in the hot summer months where pond water issues area more predominant. This year we had a very hot summer, extreme temperatures that got up into the high 80’s, low 90’s and with the use of Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and aeration windmill I was able to keep my pond algae and muck free. My goal has always been to prevent pond water issues from occurring as opposed to waiting until there is an issue."

- Christene Sandeson | Brookfield NS

We can see the bottom of our pond!!

We are using a Koenders Water Solutions 16 ft Single Diaphragm Windmill System as well as Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Dye to keep our swimming pond clean and clear and we can see the bottom at 16 ft deep.

- Patti and Peter | Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground, East Selkirk Manitoba

We are very happy with the product. We also have one of your aeration windmills and pond rakes. Before putting in the Natures’ Pond Conditioner we had a record year of Algae in our pond, all over and thick. The year after using Nature’s Pond Conditioner along with raking out the algae as well, we have had our record year of the pond being the healthiest it has been. The algae was so bad before I can begin to describe it.

- Daniel | Wisconsin

I have been on the nature’s pond care program of for about 2 years now, using the Koender’s Double Diaphragm windmill aeration system and Nature’s Pond Conditioner as well as the Nature’s Pond dye and I am very happy with the results. The algae is almost eliminated and the pond weeds have been reduced significantly, where the pond weeds once went 15-20ft from the shoreline are now only 3.5ft from the shoreline. The Koender’s Aeration windmill has impressed me on how well it has kept the ice off the pond in the cold winter months, not to mention, it’s been virtually maintenance free

- Don | Peoria IL

During the Winter, we use Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill for aeration with 2 airstones and Nature’s Pond Conditioner. It keeps the fish nice and healthy all seasons. We use the pond for fishing and also swimming in the Summer. We’re really happy with everything.

- Sean | Ontario