This is What Happens When You Use Traditional Chemical Pond Care Products:

To combat this unhealthy and highly promoted approach to water care – Koenders Water Solutions has innovated several products designed to restore and maintain a healthy water environment.
Koenders manufacturers several turnkey, do-it-yourself solutions for our customers to use and deploy. For the complex and highly polluted water projects Koenders has a water consulting service where our highly trained environmentalists will visit your location and engage in custom solutions to ensure your water is brought back to a healthy eco-state and is maintained in that manner moving forward.
Koenders are the innovators of a whole line of aeration systems both Electric and Windmill based (windmill aeration systems). Koenders Windmills innovated this solution 30 years ago to aerate ponds without the use of energy.

Since then, Koenders innovated Pond Conditioners – A set of beneficial bacteria and enzymes in an all in one Food Grade Pond Dye that is an environmentally friendly alternative to Pond Chemicals.
For Pond Owners Koenders introduced Natures Pond Conditioner that is now one of the leading Non-Chemical based Pond treatments for Pond Owners in North America; addressing 98% of pond water issues when combined with mechanical aeration systems.
Koenders Water Solutions deploys systems and water treatments that are sustainable and no matter how complex a problem – Safe for Human and Animal Life. Our process is safe for swimming, fish and all other aquatic life.
Our off-the-shelf and customized water solutions focus on addressing the following issues:

Koenders Water Solutions focuses on the following areas in the restoration and maintenance of: