Koenders Windmills Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of Windmill Aeration Systems – windmills that compress air into water and are used for pond Aeration.

Aeration Systems are ways of adding air to water in order to replenish its oxygen levels. The more air that is pumped into the pond water the healthier it is and the better the circulation. Traditionally, pond owners have used electric aerators to do this, however with the cost of electricity and global warming – consumers and businesses are being more conscious of the environment and hence have adopted our windmills as a primary means to aerate their ponds.

Koenders Windmills Inc. has been manufacturing these windmills for almost 20 years and we currently sell over 6,000 units a year almost exclusively in North America. Our customers range from residential pond owners, farmers and fish hatcheries to municipal ponds, water reservoirs and sewage lagoons.

Recently, we have expanded our production facilities and are looking to grow our markets globally in your area of the world.

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