Koenders Windmills Introduces Our Line of Powder-Coated Colorful Windmills

Our Koenders Windmills now come in a variety of colors. Personalize and create your very own custom galvanized windmill by choosing from a selection of our weather resistant powdered coated finishes.

Powder Coated Koenders Uni-Pole

As an investment, powder-coating your windmill a specific color may be more expensive, however, considering Koenders Windmills are built to last decades the extra cost to personalize your windmill up-front is quite inexpensive considering the duration and life expectancy of your product investment. Read more about the Powder Coated Windmill Process.


Powerd Coating
Copper  Copper
Green  Green
Yellow  Yellow
Blue  Blue
Red  Red
White  White
Silver  Silver
Gold  Gold

*colors may vary slightly from the colors displayed on your screen

To Purchase a Powder Coated Koenders Windmill

For more information call 1-888-777-4933 or fill out the following form and one of our representatives will be sure to follow up with you to further discuss the color options and combinations that are available.