The Powder-Coating Process

Koenders uses a paint finishing technique called powder coating in order to ensure top quality, rust proof finish for our customers. Powder coating is a technique that applies dry paint to galvanized steel and then the paint is baked onto the surface.

Koenders deploys a 4 step process in powder coating its products


Preparation is extremely important to ensure a strong and resistant finish. Since Koenders Windmills are exterior products there is a special preparation process that consists of the follow steps to ensure the paint adheres and remains to the galvanized steel parts. CLEAN, RINSE, ETCH, RINSE, GRAIN REFINE, ZINC PHOSPHATE, RINSE, ACIDULATED RINSE.

The etch step is required to remove any zinc corrosion that forms on the galvanized steel. The grain refiner makes sure that a fine phosphate is produced.

Apply Paint

The dry powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto each part of the windmill. The powder is applied with an electrostatic spray gun to each part. The powder is fluidized before entering the gun to improve the electrostatic charge and separate the grains of powder. This allows the powder to move more efficiently through the spray gun.

By electrostatically charging the paint particles, the powder clings to all the surface areas of each, front and back.

Bake Powder

While the electrostatic powder remains charged on the parts they are placed into a baking oven that melts the powder particles together to form a solid finishing. Koenders use thermosetting color powders that will not re-melt upon reheating to ensure that the finish remains intact in all extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Quality Check

Our powder coating experts review each part to ensure all surface area is adequately covered. Powder coat paint produces a strong, hard, abrasion resistant finish. Koenders gives a palette of colors to choose from that can be mixed and matched to form personalized windmills.


Red  Red
Bronze  Bronze
Gold  Gold
Green  Green
White  White
Royal Blue  Royal Blue

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