Is A Koenders Pond Aeration System right for me?

Koenders Aeration System – Self Help Guide To Choosing the Best Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Solution For Your Needs.

What is your pond used for?

Whether you use your pond for raising fish, livestock, irrigation or for recreational purposes, Koenders has the right system for you. For a pond focused on raising fish, we recommend 24/7 aeration available with our Electric Aerator. For most other applications, our Free-Air Windmill will suit your needs.

How big is your pond?

One Koenders Free-Air Windmill Pond Aeration System is ideal for ponds up to 1.5-2 acres. We recommend 2 Airstone Diffuser Kits if the pond is shallow (less than
8-10′) throughout the entire area of the pond. Each Airstone diffusers can be regulated with a 2-way selector valve.

In what type of climate do you live?

Koenders Pond Aeration Systems are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our self-governing windmill will turn itself out of the wind at 27-30 mph. Our Freeze Control Unit will keep the air flowing, and with constant aeration you can prevent icing near the Airstone Diffuser.

Do you need to pump water to a stock tank or pond?

Besides aerating your ponds, a Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration System has the ability to pump water when combined with one of our air-driven pumps.
This is extremely effective for ponds located in remote areas where electricity is not available. Choose a “SW16” and begin pumping today!

Do you have a well?

Our “Verta-6” Well Pump combined with an Aeration System allows you to pump water from wells 40′ deep.

Recommended package to include:
1 pond aeration system (your choice);
1 pair of pivot points;
1 Airstone Housing Bucket;
1 duck decoy;
1 X 50′
roll weighted Air Line;
1 package Air Line Brackets;
1 hose connector and clamp;
1 Maintenance Kit (for quick repairs as needed) and 1 pair of No-Cut Gloves.

Additional FAQs

How much wind is needed to operate a Free-Air Windmill Pond Aeration System?

3-5 mph winds will operate the Airstone and produce a small volume of water from the pump.

How do I decide what size Windmill Pond Aeration System is right for me?

If you live in flat terrain, a 12′ System will suffice. If you live in an area with varying elevations, a 20′ System will catch the most wind possible. Your Windmill may be located up to 1000′ away from your pond.

Can the Free-Air Windmill Pond Aeration System withstand high winds?

The windmill head is self-governing and blades will turn out of direct wind when speeds exceed 27 mph. Most damage to the windmill results from improper anchoring.

Will the Air Line freeze in winter or during light frosts?

The Airstone Foot Valve is designed for one-way only airflow, preventing moisture from entering the Air Line. A Freeze Control Unit can also be installed to ensure the Air Line stays open year-round. For added protection, install a Pressure Release Valve to ensure excess pressure does not build up in the Air Line and damage the diaphragm.

Does the Airstone ever get clogged with mud?

Routine air movement should keep the Airstone operating freely.
Additionally, when placed inside a Housing Bucket, most pond debris including mud, will not affect the Airstone.

Will Pond aeration rid my pond of algae and weeds?

Aeration will reduce and may even eliminate algae by breaking down nutrients algae feed on. Aeration can also improve the aesthetics and overall health of ponds. Improving water quality will reduce the chance of unsightly algae blooms, sludge accumulation, and fish kills. By targeting the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, you will have a much healthier pond.

How much water volume is pumped with the Koenders water pumps?

Our pumps will pump up to 2.5 gallons of water per minute, at 10′ of lift. At 3-5 mph winds, both pumps will produce minimal amounts of water, which increases with wind speed. Volume will also decrease as the lift increases, to a maximum of 40′.

How does a Koenders Free-Air Windmill Pond Aeration System and what are the benefits?

A proven low-maintenance, low cost, highly effective method of improving water quality.

To keep ponds clean and healthy, water requires oxygen. Without it, water turns anoxic, resulting in fish kills and bacterial growth. How can you prevent this condition? A Koenders Pond Aeration System is the answer. Through aeration (the process of supplying water with air), Koenders systems provide continuous oxygen to stagnant, unhealthy water, even during winter. This perpetual air circulation ensures your pond remains healthy and won’t deteriorate during any season. Koenders Windmills have been manufactured in North America since 1988. Built with durable 18-gauge galvanized steel, windmills installed 30 years ago still run strong today.

What does each Koenders Pond Aeration System come with?

Each Koenders Pond Aeration System comes complete with 100′ Air Line, Pressure Release Valve, and an installation manual. They come in four windmill heights

12′ Windmill Pond Aeration System ,

16′ Windmill Pond Aeration System,

20′ Windmill Pond Aeration System ,

24′ Windmill Pond Aeration System

(61″ stance*)/194 lbs. (79″ stance*)/225 lbs. (98″ stance*)/264 lbs. (118″ stance*)/330 lbs.

*the distance from one leg of the tower to another (bottom extension touching the ground) point to point.

Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Systems come with a
Full line of replacement parts available

safety, we recommend cementing rods into the ground.

What Can Pond Aeration Do For me?

In order for ponds to stay clean and healthy they require oxygen. A lack of oxygen results in black, smelly water. How can you prevent this condition? A Koenders Pond Aeration System is an extremely cost effective answer to your challenge. With Koenders Pond aeration systems you can your water is provided will adequate levels of oxygen to stagnant, unhealthy water, even during the winter. This perpetual air circulation that these windmill pond aeration systems provide, ensures the entire body of water is maintained, healthy and won’t deteriorate during any season.

What results can you expect from installing a Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration System?

When a Koenders Pond Aeration System is installed, you can expect to reduce:

Why should you clean up “Dirty” Water?

Standing water can contain toxic algae, bacteria, it can have a murky appearance and can give off unpleasant odors. Choose “Clean” Water – Adding Koenders Pond aeration system enhances the overall environmental health of the water, removing pollutants, odor, and bacteria and infusing adequate levels of oxygen into the water source. You’ll notice the difference in its improved appearance within weeks to months.

Who Benefits from the Improved health of your water?



Garden Irrigation



Waste Lagoons

Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Systems can help you solve “dirty” water problems by using wind or our pond aeration electric system to add oxygen to water. Through the pond aeration process, water is “cleaned”. The improved water quality will ensure better weight gain for livestock and a healthier ecosystem for fish, birds and other wildlife. Koenders Pond Aeration Systems help Mother Nature put oxygen where it is needed to naturally improve the water environment.

Where are Koenders Windmills Made?

Koenders Pond Aeration Systems are completely manufactured in North America with durable galvanized steel.

How Many Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Systems have been Sold?

Today there are over 50,000 working Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Systems in North America.

How Long has Koenders been making Windmill Pond Aeration Systems?

Koenders Windmills has been manufacturing these pond aeration systems since 1988.

How do Koenders Windmill Pond Aeration Systems work?

1-Air is forced out of the airstone diffuser kit adding oxygen to the pond.

2-Air bubbles travel to the surface carrying waste by-products and

3-Water circulates within the pond bringing oxygen-rich water from the
surface to the bottom.

4- The pond is aerated creating an improved water environment.

To purchase a Koenders windmill or accessories, you can Order Direct Online or use our Locate a Dealer form to find the dealer closest to you.


"Our pond brings a great deal of pleasure to me, thus I want to keep it algae and muck free especially in the hot summer months where pond water issues area more predominant. This year we had a very hot summer, extreme temperatures that got up into the high 80’s, low 90’s and with the use of Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and aeration windmill I was able to keep my pond algae and muck free. My goal has always been to prevent pond water issues from occurring as opposed to waiting until there is an issue."

- Christene Sandeson | Brookfield NS

We can see the bottom of our pond!!

We are using a Koenders Water Solutions 16 ft Single Diaphragm Windmill System as well as Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Dye to keep our swimming pond clean and clear and we can see the bottom at 16 ft deep.

- Patti and Peter | Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground, East Selkirk Manitoba

We are very happy with the product. We also have one of your aeration windmills and pond rakes. Before putting in the Natures’ Pond Conditioner we had a record year of Algae in our pond, all over and thick. The year after using Nature’s Pond Conditioner along with raking out the algae as well, we have had our record year of the pond being the healthiest it has been. The algae was so bad before I can begin to describe it.

- Daniel | Wisconsin

I have been on the nature’s pond care program of for about 2 years now, using the Koender’s Double Diaphragm windmill aeration system and Nature’s Pond Conditioner as well as the Nature’s Pond dye and I am very happy with the results. The algae is almost eliminated and the pond weeds have been reduced significantly, where the pond weeds once went 15-20ft from the shoreline are now only 3.5ft from the shoreline. The Koender’s Aeration windmill has impressed me on how well it has kept the ice off the pond in the cold winter months, not to mention, it’s been virtually maintenance free

- Don | Peoria IL

During the Winter, we use Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill for aeration with 2 airstones and Nature’s Pond Conditioner. It keeps the fish nice and healthy all seasons. We use the pond for fishing and also swimming in the Summer. We’re really happy with everything.

- Sean | Ontario