Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

The Koenders Water Solutions 3 Step Plan works great!

For 5 years I had been battling with my pond trying to get it clean and healthy. I tried all the different pond chemicals on the market, although they did get rid of the algae initially, it always came back stronger shortly after, it was a short term fix. I finally got my pond under control when I heard about the Koenders Water Solutions 3 step plan, which includes raking away as much of the algae as possible with one of their easy to use pond rakes-I did a little bit at a time when the wind pushed the algae to the side of the pond. I added their Nature’s Pond Conditioner and set up a Koenders Aeration Windmill. The Aeration windmill I set up approx 800ft from my pond, where I thought It would get the most wind-and it is always turning (my pond is in a bit of a valley).

I have provided before and after photos, the after photos are only 60 days after being on the Koenders 3 Step Program and the algae hasn’t come back. Needless to say I am impressed. As well the before photos were taken after I had been on the program for a bit and reduced the algae. The algae initially covered around 40% of the pond.

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Fairley Carey
Yanceyville, North Carolina

Koenders Water Solutions/Nature’ Pond Care 3 step program is Amazing!!

When something sounds to easy to be true it probably is!!! That is why when I was told about Nature’s Pond Care 3 step program and the fact that it would not be an overnight success but more a process I started to believe!!!

I have a small landscaping business and one of my customers asked me If I would help them get rid of all the duckweek in the pond, as they have a really nice house and well-kept yard, except for the pond which was a disaster, completely covered in duckweed. They tried several things that promised quick results but could not find anything that would clear it up and keep it clear, not to mention the rotten egg smell that came from it.

I spoke with one of pond consultants at Koenders Water Solutions Inc., at which time he had asked a lot of questions about the pond in order to determine the best method to treat it. He called it the Nature’s Pond Care program that consisted of a 3 step plan, which includes: “revive” (with bottom up aeration), “removal” (with a speically designed pond cutter and rake) and “renew” (with Nature’s Pond Conditioner).

We started the 3 step program in Sept 2017, when the pond was completely covered with duckweed. As you can see in the pictures I have provided (the only opening was where the aeration bubbles were coming up) and then approx. 2 month later the pond was almost completely clear, the owner has also indicated that the rotten egg smell is gone and that the water has never been more clear. He is very happy with the results, which reflects well on me as his landscaper and he now plans to add fish In this spring and start using his pond for recreation.

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Jeff Eckhardt
Edgar, Nebraska

Koenders Water Solutions – Nature’s Pond Care Team,
We have a pond on our acreage that we use for house water and irrigation. The pond is approximately 100 FT in diameter and 12-15 ft deep.
This pond has always given us problems – the water would get smelly and the pond would be full of algae and weeds to a point that it would clog up all the filters going into the house. We had the hardest time maintaining this body of water and having a steady supply of useable house water that would not smell up the house and make our clothes all gray.
That was until the last couple of years when we started following the Nature’s Pond Care program. We installed a Koenders Electric Aeration System in the pond and started treating the water with Nature’s Pond Conditioner – the Spring/Summer formulation in summer and then the Fall/Winter blend in the early spring when the water was still cold. We also treated it one last time in the fall before winter freeze up.
The water has never been cleaner. What a huge improvement to the past. The water does not smell and we don’t have to worry about clogged filters for the pond is clean and clear now.
Great products -thanks!
Gary Nervas
Langenburg, SK

Nature’s Pond Care Program Works Great!!
Over 7 years ago we started using your Nature’s Pond Care program. We have a fish pond with some beautiful rainbow trout in it and the body of water is approx 1 acre in size with an average depth of 12 ft.
Our pond was having issues with algae and weeds and so we wanted to make sure it was clean and healthy especially for the fish. We installed a Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System and began our treatments of Nature’s Pond Conditioner Spring Summer Blend in late Spring/Early Summer and then we treated it with 5 gal of Nature’s Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter blend in the Fall.
Our Pond has been clean and clear ever since. One year we did forget to get our treatments in the pond and all of a sudden the water started turning an awful green color. It did not take us long to remember what we needed to do. Within 7-10 days of our treatment with Nature’s Pond Conditioner, the pond was back looking healthy and clean again.
As for our windmill aeration system. It aerates the pond all year round. It is working well and we have done nothing to it during all this time. It just keeps pumping air into the pond!!. Great product and it costs us nothing to run.
We are very happy with the products, the results and the service!
Sheldon Andrews
Shediac Cape, NB

Your Products Never Stop Working !
We have a fish pond full of cat fish, bass, crappie and blue gill so it’s important that we keep our water healthy and clean so that we do not get disease spread or fish kill.
We turned to Koenders Water Solution products about 16 years ago, to help us ensure that our pond remains clean and fish healthy.
We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration system way back then and have never done a thing to it. It has been an extremely reliable and effective product and we are very happy with the results.
Judy White
Marysville OH

Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Koenders Windmill Aeration – a truly effective combination!
I am a farmer who, in the last few years have decided to slow down on farming. My son now works the farm. To keep me busy, I decided a few years back to dig out a 2 acre pond so I could relax and enjoy.
We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration system to aerate the pond which did just great. We found though that we would still get a septic tank smell in the pond, along with an ugly brown color which prevented us from swimming and having fun in the pond.
We have a lot of run off and leaves coming into the water and figured that the aeration needed some additional help to clean up the water, so we decided to treat the water with Nature’s Pond Conditioner and use it in combination with the aeration windmill.
Did it ever make a difference! The pond dye in your formula turns the pond a deep blue, green color keeping the natural beauty of the water and not turning it some terrible fake blue color.
The blend of bacteria eats up all the leaves that are falling into the pond caused by all the trees on one side of the water. The conditioner seems to break up and consume all the leaves and other sludge in the bottom of the pond and it makes the water healthy and clear. It also gets rid of that awful smell.
Every year since, we’ve used your pond conditioner in combination with the Windmill and it works great!!!
Earl Karns
Kensington, Ohio

Clean, healthy water and no more fish kill!
We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System on our fish pond almost 20 years ago. Ourselves and everyone else around us were experiencing large fish kills and we wanted to put an end to it.
Since installing our windmill aeration system we have never had a fish kill. The other benefit of having our windmill aerating our water is that it helps keep the water healthy and clean. We do get some aquatic vegetation so we have used your Nature’s Pond Conditioner as well. Works well in combination with the aeration and its all natural which is great so we don’t have to worry about it harming our fish.
Thanks for your great products and commitment to nature!!!
Joe Blandford
Lowell, IN

A joy to own this windmill
I just want you to know what a joy this windmill has been to own…for its durability and how it improves the health of my pond. It’s been standing here 7-8 years and I’ve done nothing to it. So I don’t feel bad about having to finally replace the diaphragm now. Thanks again.
Dennis Rex
Auburn, NY

Our Koenders Windmill “Works Like A Champ!!!”
We have a 1 acre fish pond that had been giving us a lot of problems. The pond would be full of milfoil and duck weed every year and after wrestling with this pond for several years, we decided to purchase a Koenders Windmill Aeration System.
Within 90 days we started seeing our pond clearing up. Our pond is now stocked with bass, blue gill, crappie and trout and the windmill aeration has done a fabulous job of keeping these fish healthy and clean.
Thanks for a great product that has been working flawlessly since we installed it !
Matthew Petersen
Yakima, WA

Happy with our purchase!
Our pond is about 35 years old and just a little under a 1/2 acre in size. It sits out in the open with very few trees around and is in a fairly windy area. We had an old windmill aeration system that was already in place when we moved in and it worked ok, but not all that great. At one point in time our pond was filled with blue gills. We have our pond stocked with some bass, catfish and gamers. We don’t fish for them, but treat them more like pets.
In July of 2015, we decided it was time for a new windmill. We chose to go with Koenders and purchased a 12-foot single diaphragm windmill system. My son and I found it very easy and straight forward to set up. We poured some good concrete anchors and that thing has been pumping so well since day one! We had some extremely windy days this past winter and our windmill is still standing tall. We are very happy with our purchase and we trust in our Koenders windmill to keep our pond healthy and our fish alive!
Micheal Carroll
Delta, OH

No more fish kills!
I constructed my pond in the late 1980’s with my father, and made it about 1/3 of an acre in size. We wanted it for fishing, recreation and swimming, so have stocked it over the years with a variety of different fish such as blue gill, crappie and catfish.
We noticed that we would lose some of our fish each year during the hot months of July and August. IN 2006 we finally decided it was time to address that problem and we installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System.
We ordered it up and it was delivered quickly. One of my neighbors and I spent a couple of evenings assembling the tower and getting it all set up, and it has been running fine ever since! Besides routine maintenance on the diaphragm we haven’t had to do anything to it. The windmill keeps a hole in the ice for the fish throughout the winter and we haven’t experienced any more fish kills since installing!
Rob McClure
Carrollton, OH

Pond Study: Nature’s Pond Care Program is a clear winner!
We are a crop farmer of canola and lentils in Saskatchewan, Canada. To irrigate our crops we draw water from two surface ponds/dugouts on our farm, and each pond holds over 1 million gallons of water.
Last year we conducted a study on the farm. On one pond we followed your Nature’s Pond care program by installing a Koenders Windmill Aeration system and treating the water with Natures Pond Conditioner. We did not do anything to the other pond.
The difference between the ponds was miraculous!!!
The pond that we selected to treat was crystal clear and no longer murky at all. We did not have any issues with our sprayers which in the past were clogging all the time. Our crops were healthy and harvest went along smoothly.
As for the other pond that we did not choose to treat, it was a worse mess than usual! The algae and weeds were so bad that we could not even suck water out of the pond. The constant plugging of filters became too onerous and we decided to only use the pond that we treated with your Nature’s Pond Care program.
We just purchased our Nature’s Pond Conditioner for 2017 and will be looking at another windmill to install on this 2nd pond.
Mike Deobald, Stone Barn Farm
Hodgeville, SK

We have a ½ acre pond that is mostly used to enhance the beauty of our property, and we have bass and bluegill that call our pond home. In 2002 we decided to add a Koenders windmill aeration system to help keep our fish and pond healthy. We found that the windmill was very easy to assemble and were quickly pumping oxygen into our pond! During the cold winter months the windmill has kept a 15 foot area of the pond from freezing over, and has really cut down on any chance of fish kill. We have “Chicago” style weather here, with a lot of wind, a lot of cold, and a lot of sun. One of the best things that we have found about our windmill is that we haven’t had to perform any sort of maintenance in the entire 15 years that we have owned it!
John Modra
Griffith, IN

Honestly one of the best things we have ever bought!
We have 2 ponds about 20 years old, and about 10-12 years ago we decided to purchase a Koenders windmill aeration system for our smaller pond. It has honestly been one of the best things that we have ever bought! If you follow the directions and be sure to anchor it down properly it works absolutely perfectly. We have many types of fish including walleye, northern pike, small mouth and large mouth bass, as well as crappie and bluegill. The added oxygen is crucial to keep them alive and healthy. Over the winter months there has always been an opening in the ice about 20 – 25 feet in diameter.
Shortly after we installed our first windmill, my father-in-law decided that he wanted one too. His has been working perfectly ever since it was installed. Other than replacing some hose because the muskrats had chewed through it, neither of us have had to do anything to our windmills other than a little bit of grease. Our ponds are used a lot with kids and grandkids fishing, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. We are very happy with our Koenders windmills and wold recommend them to anybody!
Eric Lewis
Bloomer, WI

The program has outstanding results!
I have been using the Nature’s Pond Program for a little over a year now and the results are outstanding! Every year I used to have to rake off all the floating mossy looking algae (filamentous algae) and it wasn’t easy as there was algae from about 6 feet out and beyond covering the entire surface of the water. I would have to wait for windy day until it would float near the edge of the pond and then hall it off, which isn’t fun nor easy. I know I have a problem pond, as it is next to neighbouring cattle farms which really creates an excess of nutrients in the pond that results in my water quality issues.
I was talking to my uncle one day that also has a pond and was explaining to him the problems with my pond and the work involved to keep it clean. He had recommended that I try Nature’s Pond Conditioner as it had worked wonders for his pond and I am SO glad he did, the Nature’s Pond Conditioner works great! I went from having an algae covered pond to almost no algae. I just bought another bottle of Nature’s Pond Conditioner today, and I plan to add Nature’s Pond Conditioner each year to prevent the algae from coming back.
Mark Riley
Villa Ridge, MO

Windmill has been running since 1989!!
In 1989 we purchased our first Koenders windmill which was installed to aerate our fish pond that we had dug out a year earlier. This windmill has worked so well that we even bought another one off a fellow that had installed one of these windmills in the middle of a forest. He told me that it did not work very well. I explained to him that you need it to catch the wind in order for it to work well and that the middle of the forest is not such a great place to have a windmill installed.
So I ended up with two of these windmills aerating my fish pond and we have never had any issues with the water. The fish have always stayed healthy and we have never had a fish kill! Our Koenders windmills have been working amazing and they just keep running like a champ. The only maintenance that we have done is simply changed the diaphragms on them every 7-10 years. I will stand behind your products no matter what. They last forever!!
Thanks for the great service and support over the years. Your team is knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what you do.

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Tom Rowe
Britton, MI

One reliable windmill!
17 years ago we dug our first pond, about 1.5 acres. It sits out in the open with very few trees around and gets full sun for most of the day. Once it was filled it was beautiful to see! After having the pond for two years, we decided that is was time to invest in a windmill aeration system. We went with the Koenders 16’single diaphragm model and have never been more happy. In the past fifteen years we have only ever had to replace the diaphragm once. The original diaphragm had lasted for thirteen years before we finally had to do any sort of maintenance. That is one reliable windmill! That same windmill is still turning today pumping oxygen into our pond to help keep the fish healthy and the weeds and algae to a minimum. We have stocked the pond over the years with crappie, bass and bluegill as we have always enjoyed fishing and swimming in our pond. The kids have all grown up now, but we are waiting on the grandkids to enjoy the pond in the same way. The windmill has never let us down and is quite attractive to look at. We love it!!
Steve King
Hamilton, IN

Extremely happy with our worry-free windmill!
We have had a Koenders dual diaphragm windmill aeration system installed for about 5 years now. The pond was dug about ten years ago, and is located in natural woodland area on our property. There are some large trees and natural shrubs that surround the pond and are homes for a variety of birds that visit the pond such as herons and wood ducks. We have stocked the pond over the years with a few different types of fish that the kids really enjoy trying to catch. The pond is surrounded by a berm to help keep agricultural run off from entering the water. We are extremely happy with the quality of our windmill and how worry free it has been. We haven’t had to do any sort of maintenance or repairs on it in the entire time that we have owned it. It seems to effortlessly pump air through the two airstone diffusers keeping our fish healthy and water clean!
Oshkosh, WI

City of Ottawa
The City of Ottawa is proud of one of its most noteworthy parks, Andrew Hayden Park named after the former Reeve of Nepean. Andrew Haydon Park is a relatively large Ottawa park, stretching for roughly a kilometer in its longest dimension – east north-east to west south-west by roughly 300 meters across stretching between Carling Avenue and the Ottawa River. The park includes multiple streams and two interior ponds one of which is close to 2 acres in size and a true landmark of the park.
During the winter months the park is relatively quiet but when summer comes along the park comes alive hosting many summer activities with it variety of facilities. The ponds are an important feature of the park and they play host to such things as radio-controlled model sailboat trials and races, family BBQs around the water, recreational games and sunbathing, and children play on the structures that have been installed for their enjoyment. With picnicking, open water and trash cans this park is also a popular hang out for Canada Geese, Seagulls and other birds.

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We are proud of this park and the mini-lakes adjacent to the Ottawa River play a big role in the attraction of this location. That’s why its so important to keep these ponds healthy and clean. We get a lot of leaves, bird waste, fertilizer, grass clippings and other run off into these bodies of water and its important that we have an environmentally friendly program to keep them healthy and clean.
We chose to work with Koenders Water Solutions Inc and have been following their Nature’s Pond Care program for the last few years with outstanding results. First, we installed one of their windmill aeration systems which has been a really nice feature of the park. It not only looks really pretty sitting on the edge of the Ottawa River between the big pond and the river but it also serves a dual function of aerating the pond that is almost 2 acres in size. This windmill aeration system does not require electricity to operate and runs 365 days per/yr with no operating costs and very little maintenance.
Another real bonus to having the windmill aeration system working all year round is the fact that it keeps an area of the pond open in the winter and oxygen flowing throughout the pond. This has ensured that we do not get a fish kill in the pond for we have many species of fish living in the water.
We also treat the pond with Nature’s pond products which our manufactured by Koenders Water Solutions Inc, these are natural pond treatments that are made up of ingredients that are safe for humans, fish, animals and the environment. The treatments consists of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that break down and consume the organic matter that enter our ponds keeping them healthy and clean. These treatments ensure that their is very little sludge build up and they keep the water clean and clear. There are no smelly odors coming from the water and with the clear water we are reducing mosquitoes in the area. Mosquitoes tend not to lay their larvae in healthy ponds because if they do the fish can see the eggs and they consume them.
I really noticed how the leaves that used to accumulate all around the edges of the pond are now just broken down and chewed up by our pond care program. Its been a real pleasure working with Koenders and we look forward to continuing our partnership.
Gene LeClair
Parks, Bldg & Grounds Ops Mtce (Core Parks Infrastructure)
City of Ottawa, Canada

So pleased with my windmill!
I am very pleased so far with the performance of my Koenders Windmill Aeration System. I have a 20 foot tower design, single diaphragm compressor that has continuously pumping air into my pond for the past 5 years. My pond is roughly 1 acre in size and we use it for fishing and swimming. In the entire 5 years of owning my windmill, I have never had any issues. It works perfectly all of the time. It turns smoothly, it pumps smoothly, it is great to look at, and I have never once had to service it at all!
Matt Hall
Brooklyn, MI

We love our windmill!
12 years ago we dug our own fish pond. It is 1/2 acre in size and up to 15 ft deep in some places. We designed it with an island in the middle and water on all sides. We immediately installed a Koenders Windmill that has been running for 12 years straight with absolutely no maintenance, and have now just recently ordered a maintenance repair kit.
We stock our pond with bass, perch and blue gill and we have enjoyed how the pond brings us closer to nature. Our pond remains healthy and clean and we have never had a fish kill during all these years. We are very satisfied with the performance of our Koenders Windmill and has certainly lived up to its expectations.
Jack Mueller
Seymour, WI

Your program cleaned our pond in 30 days!
Before using Koenders double diaphragm aeration windmill and Natures Pond Conditioner my pond had a thick layer of algae growth 2 inches below the surface. As well, the water was turning black, as it was becoming septic. About 30 days after pouring in Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and getting the Koenders double diaphragm aeration windmill set-up and working, the water cleared right up, my pond water is clear now, it was phenomenal!.
Bernie Gorski
Colchester Ridge Estate Winery.
Harrow, ON

Your windmill keeps our fish healthy!
Our pond is an oval shape about one half acre in size, and we have it stocked with bass and bluegills. There are a few trees around the edge of the pond and it is very pretty to look at! We have a 16 ft single diaphragm Koenders windmill aeration system installed about one hundred and fifty yards from the pond up on a small hill. We have had our windmill for the past 12 years and it has never let us down. It is constructed of galvanized steel and has not shown any signs of rust whatsoever over all these years. We often invite different church groups, boy scouts, girls scouts and others to come and camp out around our pond. Our favorite part is to watch them catch fish from our pond and then clean them and cook them over an open fire. We are so happy with our Koenders windmill that provides our fish with the oxygen that they need to remain healthy, growing and reproducing.
John Barnes
Hillsboro, KY

Great service!
We have a lovely spring fed pond that is about ¾ acres in size, and the water that enters the pond is cool and clear. We have our pond stocked with fish, mostly with bluegills and bass which we enjoy for fishing. We have used a Koenders 12 foot single diaphragm windmill aeration system for the past 14 years to add important oxygen into our pond to keep our fish alive and healthy. In 2008 a very heavy windstorm blew through our region with the winds were gusting up to 100 mph. There were trees that were blown over and barns as well, and unfortunately our windmill got blown over too. Luckily after the storm had passed we realized that the only damage to the windmill was a few bent fan blades! We easily ordered replacement blades and a maintenance kit for the compressor just in case. We got great customer service, our order was easy to place and was shipped out right away. We replaced the bent blades and easily installed the new diaphragm and other components that were included with the maintenance kit. We stood the windmill back up, and still to this day it is working the same way it did when it was new! We are very pleased with the simple operation and efficiency that we get from our Koenders windmill aeration system.

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Raymond Heinlen
St. Johns, MI

We love our current windmill so much we bought another one!
We have had a Koenders windmill up and running for nearly 20 years. It has been the best way to provide oxygen to our pond that is close to 2 acres in size. When we stocked our pond with fish, our Koenders windmill aeration system never failed us. It kept the pond well aerated during both the hot summer months and the freezing cold winter months, while many of our neighbors and fellow fish pond owners would experience massive fish kills. We are really excited about our NEW Koenders windmill that we have just purchased. If it can last even half as long as our old one we will be very pleased. We have had so many joyful years from using a Koenders windmill that we highly recommend your products to our neighbors and friends.
Kyle Rudolph
Joplin, MT

So happy with our purchase!
We really enjoy our Koenders windmill, it looks beautiful in our yard next to our pond and we have gotten many compliments on it. Before assembling it I just spray painted the blades and tail with Tremclad primer and paint and it is holding up really well to the elements. We live in a windy location so our pond is constantly getting aerated and the water is always clear. We are very happy with our purchase!

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Angelina Grimson
Calgary, Alberta

Koenders Water Solutions,
We installed one of your Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems over 15 years ago. We use it to aerate our 2 acre fish pond and it has done everything it was promised it would do. Since installing this windmill we have never had a fish die off and it has been working amazing year round for all these years.
I expected that we would have done some sort of maintenance to this windmill a long time ago but it has just kept pumping air all this time so we have done nothing to it until recently.
Thanks for delivering on more than what you promised!!
John Brickner
Auburndale, WI

Dear Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Koenders Windmills Work Amazing!!!
I have owned a Koenders Windmill for over 10 years and it has been working really well ever since I installed it!!!
It aerates our 1/2 acre fish pond that has blue gill, catfish and bass stocked. This windmill aeration system has done a really good job of keeping algae and weeds from accumulating in our pond and it keeps the fish healthy and strong. We have never had a fish kill for over 10 years since the windmill went into action.
Not only have we saved money on electricity by using this windmill to aerate instead of electricity but we have never had to do anything to it. It was only recently we performed maintenance on the compressor by changing out the diaphragm. Pretty amazing after 10 years!!!
Dale Conner
Park Hills, MO

I just wanted to thank you for making a great product. I purchased one of your windmills – summer of 2014 – and for various reasons did not get it set up until June of 2015 – and then had some health issues during the winter of 2015/16 and did not get the freeze control unit installed so “it froze up” (I’m in central Wisconsin) – thus I had no air “pumping” – so your people advised me to get a “maintenance kit” – which had a new diaphragm and various other parts in it. A friend helped me install that “kit” yesterday – and as soon as we got it back together we had air pumping – Wonderful. I really don’t know what part did it as the old diaphragm “looked” ok but maybe it was not – or it was one of the other parts. I believe the issue was due to the freeze up causing too much back pressure – but what “blew” I don’t know – but do know now – it’s working again. Thank You.
Donald Huehnerfuss

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
I am Happy With Product, Real Happy!!
We have been aerating our fish pond with a Koenders Windmil for over 20 years. This pond water was used for crop irrigation until I retired now it is just used for fishing. My grandchildren love to come over and fish for the Bass, Bluegill and Perch that are stocked in the water.
The windmill aeration keeps the fish healthy and pond clear – you can see down 2-3 ft deep into the water. The only thing I have done in the way of maintenance with this windmill is changed out the diaphragm and check valves a few times so I can’t complain one bit. This product has done me good.
Fred Green
Troy, OH

See for yourself why Koenders Windmills are the best! This low-wind fish farm** set up their windmill and it is amazing to see how much oxygen is being produced. It’s easy to see how Koenders produces more cubic feet per month of oxygen then any other brand!

**This video was taken in a 5 mile an hour wind

Koenders Water Solutions
Two Koenders Windmills for over 15 Years!!!
We installed two of your Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems over 15 years ago to help pump oxygen into our trout ponds. They have been running just like the way they were the day I installed them. One of them I have done nothing to at all, it just keeps pumping air like it was new, the other one has been doing a good job too but I have had to change the diaphragm on it at the 12 year mark.
It is cold in the winter months and hot in the summer here in Colorado and these windmills have done a pretty darn good job of keeping our ponds clean and fish healthy, especially in the colder winter months when there is ice on the water.
Mike Short
Cedaredge, CO

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Companies Posing to Sell Koenders Parts or Products,
I wanted to let you know that there are companies in the market that are advertising under your company’s name when you search the internet for your Koenders Windmills products. I ended up calling one of these companies and asked if they were selling Koenders “Genuine Parts” which they led me to believe they were. Each time I asked the question, the representative on the phone replied with a confusing answer. I should have know better!!!
I bought the parts and sure enough they were not Koenders “Genuine Parts”. They were some brand that was posing to have the same parts as your or would work with your products.
Well these parts did not work and did not fit. They charged me close to $ 500 for these parts. Thankfully, I was able to order these parts from you and still hoping to get my money back for the other parts that did not work.
I am writing this note to you so that you can make sure to warn your other customers about this so that they don’t have to go through the same trouble that I just did.
Its always tough being the leader in the market because these types of companies try to grab on to the success that you have created!! Thanks again for a really great product!!
Bob Hassen
Swanton, OH

So impressed with your windmills – just bought another one!
Gracie BumperIt is very important for us to have clean and healthy water as we use our pond to train dogs on retrieving items from the water. We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System about 10 years ago on this pond and our water is in beautiful condition. This whole time we have never once had to do any maintenance to the windmill so it has definitely impressed us and lived up to our expectations!
We have another pond which has not been used for training and does not have one of your windmills installed on it. This pond is a mess and full of weeds and algae! We are looking forward to installing another one of your windmills on it so that it can clean up this pond as well as the other one has done.  
Thanks again!
Steve Raney
Raney Ranch Retrievers
Santa Ysabel, CA

Koenders Water Solutions,
Windmill Pumping for 10 Years Straight with No Real Maintenance!!
We installed one of your Koenders Windmill aeration systems about 10 years ago to keep our fish alive in a 2.5 acre pond we have on the farm. Never had a fish kill since and this windmill has helped both keep our pond water clean and fish healthy.
We have never had one issue with the windmill during all this time and no real maintenance so to speak of except for an annual greasing of the support cone and cleaning of the airstone diffusers that we have in the water.
Brian Wade
McGregor, IA

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Can Now See Right to the Bottom!!
We have a 3/4 acre pond on our acreage here north of Toronto, Ontario. Six years ago we decided to install a Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aeration system in our pond because we were tired of seeing algae and weeds in our water.
During this six years we have lubricated the pivot tube once and nothing else. It has done a fabulous job of getting rid of the algae and weeds. We can now see right down to the bottom of the pond and the water is so clear its like an aquarium we can even see the fish swimming in the water.
This windmill aeration has done a great job and we are very happy that we chose a Koenders Windmill Aeration System.
Thanks again.
John Harbom
Caledon, Ontario

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Keeping Our Trout Healthy and Alive For Decades!!!
We have been using Koenders Windmills to aerate our surrounding trout lakes for almost 30 years. We have several lakes in the Kyle area of Saskatchewan, Canada and fishing is a favorite past time of many of the folks in our region.
These windmill aerators have kept our trout healthy and strong during the both the cold winter months and hot summers. During this time we have never had a fish kill. Our winters are severe up here in the prairies of Canada and the summers can get really hot, these windmills are truly built for all seasons. We are just replacing two of the first generation windmill aeration systems that we had installed 29 years ago with one of the Koenders Dual Diaphragm windmill aeration systems, this will go on one of our oldest lakes.
This year we have seen some really nice trout come out of these lakes!!!
Keith Day, Kyle Fish and Game League
Kyle, SK

The Koenders HD 250 Electric Aeration System works really well to keep our sprayer nozzles from getting clogged up with algae, we are very happy with it. This saves us time and money.
We have also noticed that there is a lot less mosquitos in our yard as a result of using the Koender HD 250 aeration system in our pond.
Eric McPeek, Farmer
Coronach, SK

Best Water Quality We Ever Had!!
We purchased the Koenders HD250 Electric Aeration System and it works great. As a result of using It we now have the best water quality we have ever had! The odor from the pond has also been significantly reduced.
We are very happy with it. It keeps a large area of our pond open during the winter to vent off any gases that would usually have been trapped by the ice. This would then come in through the water in our house and make our house smell of rotten eggs at time. I would recommend this “bottom up” aeration system to anyone!
Hank Klok
Picture Butte, AB

Cranberry Farmer Uses Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems for Almost 20Yrs Maintenance FREE!
I am a cranberry producer in Wisconsin and we have been very impressed with the results from our Koenders aeration windmill, it has done everything we had hoped it would. It has kept the green algae down, which had been a problem due to the high phosphorus run off that gets into our irrigation water from neighbours farms. Subsequently, I have the amount of times I have to clean the section screens has been significantly reduced. Our Koenders’ aeration windmill has also done a great job l in keeping areas of our irrigation pond open during the winter months, getting access to this water in the winter is essential to keep the cranberrys alive and healthy.
We have had our Koenders Aeration windmill for 18yrs now and today was the first time I have had to do any maintenance to it; a simple change of the diaphragm and check valves.
Lewis Fader
Cranberry Farmer
Selz Cranberry Marsh Inc
Warrens, WI

Koenders keep our 6 Million Fish Healthy each Year!!
Roeseler Fish Farms since 1989
Each year we grow and harvest approximately 6 million fish ranging is size and type; blue gill, bass, channel cat, 3 kinds of trout, and perch. To keep these fish healthy and alive we use aerations systems on our 30 or so ponds – aeration systems include various kinds of electric and windmill aeration systems.
Of them we have been using a Koenders Electric Aerator since the mid 90s that just won’t quit. We also have about 15 of Koenders Windmill Aeration systems. Of yours vs the competitors Koenders wins by far. Its cost, reliability and performance has been far superior. Koenders has really thought things through with the windmill aeration systems having an adjustable piston to ensure the compressions are optimized and the engineered design of the compressor. You can really tell that your company is the innovators of windmill aeration systems.
Randy Roeseler, Roeseler Fish Farms
Juneau, WI

Koenders Water Solutions
Another Windmill on Lac Sinclair
The windmill has been working very well – we installed it in the summer to help reduce the sludge on our beach area at the cottage. Another one of the cottagers on the lake have done the same thing with successful results so we have decided to do the same thing. Electricity is expensive at the cottage so we decided to use Koenders windmill to aerate the water instead of an electric aeration system.

Click for Larger Image

Annette Loebach
Lac Sinclair, Quebec

Koenders Windmill Aeration is Keeping Our House Water Clean!!
We have a single diaphragm windmill with two diffusers controlling the algae in our pond. It has worked wonderfully over the years. We pump water out of the pond into a holding tank for house use. Recently with the high heat the water in the holding tanks has started to smell and would cause itching when it touched skin. We called Koenders to get some recommendations and they advised the water in the holding tank may be too oxygen deprived, allowing bad bacteria to take over. At their recommendation we moved one of the ponds diffusers to the water tank and in a matter of days the smell went away and the water quality improved.
Larry Weber, KS

Koenders Windmill Aeration System Does What its Supposed to DO!!!
Our Koenders aeration windmill is working great to keep our water healthy, doing the job it’s supposed to do. We have 2 air diffusers connected to our windmill. After installing our Koenders windmills I would say the water quality and clarity has increased a minimum of 50%. We can really see the bottom of the pond now.
We are very happy with it, not only does it work great to keep our pond healthy and the fish in it, it also looks great, we got our windmill powder coat painted to look like a Black Eyed Susan flower.
Brogowski, Gene
Clarence, NY

Koenders Windmills – Saves My Fish from Winter KILL
The Koenders windmill was a great purchase, you guys have a great product, low maintenance, in fact I didn’t have to even change the diaphragm and check check valves on my windmill aerations system until my 12th year of owning it. It costs practically nothing to maintain. I am a snow bird now and last winter when I went away in December ,(the pond was frozen, it was a very cold winter, thick ice) and when I came back 3 of my neighbours had major fish kills, one of them lost all of his fish (spring fed ponds). I am so glad I got one of your aeration windmills, I didn’t lose a single fish!!
I have really high trees around the pond where the windmill is, I don’t even feel a breeze but the windmill sure is spinning. If you ever need a reference, have them call me.
Barber, C
Oxford, NY

We Love our Windmill and great Customer Service!!
Hey, I enjoyed talking with you today. I am going to forward you some pictures of our windmill. As I said, WE LOVE OUR WINDMILL. Our water is clearer and our fish seem livelier and our ducks seem to like it too. Everyone we have had contact with at Koenders has been extremely courteous, friendly and knowledgeable and it is a true pleasure doing business with y’all. Y’all have always been very prompt almost within minutes, answering my emails and phone calls. I look forward to many years of business.

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Thanks again,
Jayne Ard
Latta, SC 29565

Very Pleased With our Koenders Windmills!!!!
“We are just very pleased with our Koenders Windmill Aeration system, very pleased! We didn’t realize how much wind we had until we got our Koenders windmill, the slightest breeze the windmill is aerating. The water has cleared up, the fish are happy; we are catching bigger fish.
I was sceptical on the windmills when I was reading the testimonials, as they were all from the North, but it works great here in the South, we are amazed how well it works. If you have anyone in the South that would like to come see it, we would be happy to show them.”
Jayne Ard
Latta, SC

One Windmill Aerating TWO Ponds!!
“I love my Koenders Windmill, it works great. It definitely keeps the water cleaner. I have one Koenders aeration windmill that I put in between 2 of my ponds and it does a great job of aerating them both. One pond is an acre and a half and the other is a half acre pond. Beyond keeping the water clean, my fish are healthier and bigger. In the winter it also keeps a 30ft diameter hole in my ice covered pond, allowing the sun-rays to get it in, water movement, which improves the overall health of the pond.
I told my wife I want to get another Koenders windmill, my wife said I am doing find with the one I have. I am going to get another one anyway, they work great.”
Dennis Barlow
Newcomerstown, OH

I have to tell you that we believe your windmill has helped the health of our pond tremendously. We’ve had it for about 6 years and only recently had to replace the diaphragm. We really enjoy our pond now and go swimming in it almost every day during the Summer.
J Bolger

Koenders Water Solutions,
Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems Help Grow BIG and HEALTHY FISH!!!
Our Koenders windmills is working really well, no complaints. In fact, our bottom up aeration system from Koenders are growing these fish to be so big and healthy that just the other day one of our friends were fishing at the pond and the blue gill fish they caught was so big it almost pulled them in the pond. So I would say the windmill aeration system is working well, especially when a Blue Gill fish can do that, ha ha!.
Virden Ault
Kenton, Ohio

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
We have been using a Koenders Windmill to aerate our 1/2 acre pond for over 15 years. We raise 200-300 gold fish per/yr and my sons sell them to customers and make a little school money. Its amazing how little wind this windmill needs in order to get the bubbles going in our pond. You don’t have to live in a windy city for these units to work well, we live in a relatively low wind area but even despite this our windmill has worked extremely well to keep our pond nice. In addition we have never had a fish kill since installing our windmill aeration system.
Please feel free to share our story with other pond owners.
Richard Hurry
Grand Rapids, Ohio

Our Koenders Windmill Went Up Like A Dream!!
Eight years ago we purchased our 20 acre parcel of land that had a 1 acre pond on it. The pond has a nice beach at one end and is used for fishing and swimming. We stock the pond every year with plenty of perch, bluegill, bass and catfish. After doing some research on-line we learned that in order to keep our pond healthy and clean and avoid fish kill we would need to aerate it. We also learned that bottom up aeration was the most effective way to transfer oxygen to the water. We fell in love with the idea of having a windmill in the back of our property aerating the pond and so we purchased one of your Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems.
We powder coated the windmill a Grass Green (John Deere Green) and it turned out fabulously. The windmill has been virtually maintenance free for over 7 years now and the paint and everything looks outstanding – still looks brand new!!
I must admit I was a little concerned about assembly when we first purchased the windmill for I am a small woman and only weigh about 120 lbs, with no experience working with mechanical equipment. With the help of my sister and mother we put this windmill together and erected it, thing went up like a dream!!!
Love your product!!
Tracy Lectka
Oakley, MI

Government of Manitoba Using Windmill Aeration on Sewage Lagoons
We installed 2 of your Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems over 10 years ago on 2 of our 3 sewage lagoons up in Thompson MB. Five years ago we installed a 3rd windmill aeration system for our #3 settling pond. These aeration systems have done an amazing job in speeding up the decomposition of organic matter coming into our primary and secondary lagoons.
They aerate these ponds all year round during the freezing cold winters and extremely hot summers and the only maintenance that we have done on them is change out the maintenance kits which we were told is typical every 5-7 years. These units have been a huge assistance to us in managing these lagoons at a time when more and more people are moving into the area. Higher populations are putting larger demands on the sewage lagoons and these aeration systems have assisted us to keep up with these increased load demands.
Barry Michaluk
Manitoba Conservation Group

Thompson, MB

Our Koenders Windmill Aeration System has done a wonderful job of aerating our 2 acre recreational pond for the last 12-15 years. Until recently, we have never done a thing to this windmill, It has kept the pond water clean and the fish healthy ever since we installed it. We have 10 lb bass in our pond along with Catfish and Bluegills.
Our children grew up playing and fishing in this pond and now our grandkids are doing the same. This past weekend, my 3 year old grand daughter caught a catfish (with a little help). Our family loves fishing and hunting and this pond has been a huge source of enjoyment over the years. Thanks Koenders Water Solutions for a great product!!
Curt Schurman
Atlington, IA

I bought a windmill from you over 20 years ago (I think 22) to aerate a dugout on the property for raising trout. It was used for about 5 years and has sat abandoned on the hill all these years. We had a huge pond dug 3 years ago with an island and a 30 foot bridge to the island. This year I decided to once again raise fingerlings and just finished moving the windmill to its new home. Other than lubricating the pivot, it was up and running in no time. A testament to the quality and durability of your product! I’ve included a photo of it for you. The metal is a bit duller than new but I think they call that patina these days.
Al Filleul
Middle-of-nowhere rural Manitoba

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Our Koenders El2 Still going strong!!
Back in 2011 we wrote a note to Koenders explaining how well our El2 has been doing. We installed it in the early 1990’s and in 2002 we changed the belt and a maintenance repair kit. In 2011 we replaced a maintenance repair kit and now in 2014 we are replacing a maintenance repair kit. This product is incredible – it continues to aerate our 1/2 acre trout and swimming pond.
I understand Koenders has the replacement for the EL2 coming out – the HD 250. I will be happy to buy one of those units if my EL2 ever gives up on me. Koenders has certainly proven its brand worthiness.
Thanks and look forward to our continued success with your products.
KC Strawmyre
Shippensburg, PA

Koenders Water Solutions Inc.
No problems with My Windmill EVER!!
We installed our Koenders Windmill Aeration system in 2002 and it has been aerating our 1 acre fish pond ever since. We have Gray Channel Cat Fish, Bass, Blue Gill and Red Ear. Since installing our aerator we have never done anything to it except for greasing the pivot tube on an annual basis so that the windmill can swivel in and out of the wind freely.
During the colder months of the year the windmill keeps the pond 90% open most of the winter ensuring that our fish stay healthy all year round, we have never had a fish kill since our windmill has been up. We now have swans who annually come into the pond during the fall season.
Thanks Koenders Windmills,
Don Viseur
Litchfield, ILL

Koenders Water,
My wife and I were just discussing how long our Koenders Windmill has been up and running, it’s been between 10-12 years. The windmill has done a fine job of keeping our pond clean and fish alive. Around here people pay big dollars for pond care specialists to help them keep their ponds clean. I tell everyone to get an Koenders Windmill Aeration System and that will be the first step in a maintenance free pond.
One time I tried a harsh chemical to treat my water (copper sulphate), it killed everything in my pond including all my fish, never again! That stuff may have worked in the 1950’s but not anymore. Its nice to see that companies like Koenders are taking a lead role in manufacturing Natural Pond Treatments that work with aeration systems.
Thanks for great products,
Don Hovorka
Sagamore Hills, OH

Koenders Water Solutions Inc.
We installed our Koenders Windmill Aeration System over 15 years ago. We are pretty impressed with its performance. Other than having to change out the diaphragm and check valves every 5 years we have not done any other maintenance to it. We use our 1/3rd of an acre pond to fish and swim in. Our windmill aeration system keeps our pond nice and clean.
Denny Schroeder
Leipsic, OH

Koenders Water Solutions Inc,
Since I put my Koenders Windmill Aeration System in 6 years ago the difference in my pond water is night and day. I love my Koenders Windmill.
M Conrad

Koenders Water Solutions,
We have owned our Koenders Windmill Aeration system for over 10 years and until recently have not had to do one thing to it. We just love the the quality of your product and it has done a fabulous job in keeping our pond water healthy and clean.
Robert Saxon
Rehoboth, MA

Koenders Water Solutions,
8 Years and No Maintenance!!
I have three Koenders windmill aeration systems, each one aerating a different fish pond. Each pond is about 3/4 acre in size. My neighbor also has your windmills, he has 2 of them installed on his fish ponds. Ever since we installed these units on our ponds we have never had fish kill offs, we have also never had to do any maintenance on these windmill aeration systems.
We each installed the 12 ft Tower units and even in low winds these windmills turn and provide oxygen to our water. During the winter months they have done a perfect job in keeping an area of the ponds open. My fish ponds have crappie, bass, pike, perch, cat fish and who knows what else. I have caught out of my ponds, what I consider, trophy fish, even a 10 lb cat fish. So keeping the water healthy and clean is very important to us. We appreciate the reliability of your product and the fact that we have not spent any money on electricity to aerate the water or done any maintenance for all this time is amazing. We have saved thousands of dollars with these units.
Chuck Westholter
Clear Lake, MN

Koenders Windmills,

Click for Larger Image
I have been reading on your website about putting isopropyl alcohol in the anti-icing device. Do I need to keep alcohol in that tank at all times (no just during the freezing months of the year). We purchased this property about 20 months ago and I have rebuilt the pump, replaced the air hose and added an airstone to the system and treated the pond with pond conditioner. I have just recently been reading about the alcohol in the tank. Is that important? I have seen such an improvement in the pond since doing all the repairs and treating it with Natures Pond Conditioner. This system is about 20+ years old and doesn’t look like it has had much maintenance to it but is working very well. Thank you Koenders!!
Lyle Kummer
Sioux Falls, SD

Koenders Water Solutions,
Recommend a Koenders Windmill Aerator to ANYONE!!
Hi, I purchased a Koenders aerator windmill in 2006 for a 1/3 acre pond here close to Houston. I erected it and put it into use. It has worked perfectly for all these years. I used to have a problem with algae and especially pondweed but this aerator has been a lifesaver. I have not had any fish kills, and the algae is under control – I also add colorant to the pond. Fish are very healthy and I have many large catfish and many small perch in the pond even though the depth is only about 5-6 feet in the middle.
I would definitely recommend a Koenders windmill aerator to anyone who has a pond in order to keep it healthy.
Paul Jozwiak
Rosenberg, Texas

Koenders Water Solutions
photoDone Nothing to Our Windmill For 15 Years!!!
Our windmill has been aerating our 1/4 acre pond for over 15 years and it has been pretty well care free for this whole time.
We swim and fish in our pond and the windmill aeration system has done a marvelous job of keeping the water clean.
We used to skate on the pond during the winters but now we aerate all year round and it works great during the freezing weather too.
Lewis Forrest
Arnprior, Ontario

Customer Service – Koenders Windmills,
I purchased a 16’ windmill over the July 4th weekend and it’s been up and running for about 3 weeks now. I was really impressed how well engineered it was and how everything fit and went together. I opted to anchor the corners by setting poles in concrete and attaching the windmill to that, giving it a really solid base.
So far I’m really impressed , happy and satisfied with your product. I’m looking forward to many years of reliable service from it.
Rick Wing

Dear Koenders,
We have owned one of your windmill aeration systems for over 16 years and it has done a marvelous job of keeping our pond water clean and algae free. My husband, Bill, passed away a few years ago but he really enjoyed the pond. That was his thing! I only realized recently that the windmill was good for fish as well as making sure there is no algae in the water.
Really like the look of your windmill and the fact that it does a reliable job of keeping our water clean is a bonus!!
Mrs. Kenny
Mono, Ontario

Koenders Water Solutions,
We installed our Koenders Windmill in 2006 – it is used to aerate our 3/4 acre pond that is about 11 FT deep. Our pond is stocked with Bass, Blue Gill and Perch. The windmill has kept the fish healthy and alive during all seasons of the year, it also helps keep our pond water clean. We like to swim in the water on occasion so its nice to be able to do that. Thanks again, your product works great and we have never had a problem with it during all these years!
Bob Kocourek
Brillion, WI

Koenders Windmills,
So Impressed with Performance We Ordered 3 More!!
We have been using a Koenders Windmill for over 7 years to aerate one of our settling ponds for compost. It has worked extremely well in eliminating the odors from the water and we have been so impressed with the results that we ordered 3 more Koenders Windmill aeration systems for our other 3 ponds.
Terrence Boyle
Antigonish, N.S.

Dear Koenders Water Solutions,
Love your Fountains!

Click for Larger Image
I have to tell you we just love the fountain and the light kit. People are in awe of the light show at night coming from our pond. The fountain is so eye catching and relaxing to watch and listen to. Not to mention it’s a conversational piece. We are so glad we added it to our windmill system. By the way the windmill is great too and those hinges make raising and lowering the windmill a snap.

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Mike Fletcher
Marintown, ON

We had used one of your pond aeration windmills for about 7 years on our dairy farm-we have since sold the dairy farm. We really noticed a difference right away, our milk production increased dramatically. The water was cleaner as a result the cows were drinking a lot more, which results in increased milk production. As well, it kept the dugout open and water circulating in the winter, which solved our water stagnation problems. We never had to do any maintenance to the windmill in the 7 years that we owned it. I highly recommend it to anyone.
Anne Friesen
Dairy Farm
Macgregor, Manitoba

Koenders Water Solutions,
Aerating for 10 Yrs with No Maintenance
We have been quite happy with our windmill aeration system from Koenders. It works well in aerating our 3-4 acre fish pond both in the summer and winter. For as large as our pond is the windmill has managed to keep our fish alive and an area water open during the winter months. We tell all pond owners to get a windmill aeration system and also stock your pond with grass carp. The grass carp do a wonderful job of eating up the weeds. Our pond is one of the cleanest in the area.
Thanks Koenders
Brent Dennis
Troy, PA

Koenders Windmills,
Always Aerating!!!
We installed our windmill over 10 yrs ago and it is still working well. We primarily use the aeration to keep our fish alive, our pond is full of bass. Down here in Texas we are having one of the worst droughts ever and despit the hot temperatures, lower than ever water levels, our fish are thriving. Since installing our Koenders Windmill we have never had a bass die.
Joe Fuller
Gunter, TX

Koenders Windmills,
Koenders Windmill Aeration Works Great on Our Sewage Lagoons!!
We bought 2 of your aeration windmills about 4 years ago to treat our sewage lagoon. They have worked great to get rid of the fouls smell and algae that we were having trouble with.
We are very satisfied with the Koenders aeration windmills.
Huguette Lutz, Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Carlyle, SK

Koenders Water Solutions,
Koenders Windmills are Keeping Our Municipal Ponds Clean and Community Happy!!
“Your aeration windmills have worked great to keep one of our municipal ponds open during the winter, maintaining it odor free and fish healthy.
We purchased it about 3 years ago and haven’t had any problems with it, we actually plan on using one your windmills for our sewage lagoon holding cells, to get rid of the algae.”
Sandy Hintz, Mayor
Town of Wapella, SK

We have been a Koenders Windmill customer for 25 Years. Our dugout water is used for our farm home and the windmill aeration keeps the water clean all year round. It is especially helpful during the winter months – we used to have smelly water in the house, but with the aeration we do not get that rotten egg smell in our water anymore. Our windmill works just as well as an electric aeration system – I have no power out to the dugout so the windmill was are only choice but am glad we did it for it costs me nothing to run.
Peter Starko
High River, Alberta

Koenders Water Solutions
Done Nothing to Our Windmill For 15 Years!!!
Our windmill has been aerating our 1/4 acre pond for over 15 years and it has been pretty well care free for this whole time.
We swim and fish in our pond and the windmill aeration system has done a marvelous job of keeping the water clean.
We used to skate on the pond during the winters but now we aerate all year round and it works great during the freezing weather too.
Lewis Forrest
Arnprior, Ontario

Koenders Windmills,
Koenders Windmills are Built Tough!!
We have owned our 20’ windmill since Feb 2008, the mill has never needed maintenance. During Hurricane Ike we had to evacuate and I forgot to lower the windmill before we left. When we came back the neighbourhood was damaged but the windmill was fine and still pumping air despite being hit by 90+ Mph winds. This unit is not only reliable but its tough!!
Mike Morgan
Orange, TX

Our windmill is about 20 years old, during all this time we have only done maintenance on it twice. We have been using the windmill to aerate our fish pond. The aeration system has prevented any fish kills from ever occurring, even during the severe drought that we had in 2011 we didn’t even lose a fish. Logically a drought would have put a greater proportional oxygen demand on the pond from the fish so that’s impressive.
Marty Baecker
Rogers, TX

Koenders Water Solutions,
We installed our windmill over 12 yrs ago and it has run practically maintenance Free. Last year we changed out the maintenance repair kit other than that it has run straight for all those years. It has been doing a wonderful job in keeping our pond water clean and Fish healthy,Bass, Blue Gill and Catfish.
We are located in an area of North America that gets quite cold during the winter months – the windmill does a great job in keeping an area of the pond open during this time (at least 10-15 ft in diameter), this has ensured our fish stay alive all year round.
Looking forward to trying your Natures Pond Conditioner – what an excellent alternative to the Pond Chemicals that are out on the market.
Paul Hutchins
La Motte, IA

We Were able to use our Pond Water FOR Drinking!!
We have a 1 acre pond and have been using your windmill aeration system to keep the pond clean and healthy for over 13 years.
For 10 of these 13 years before we got on the town water system we used our pond for drinking water. We would literally drink water from our pond. Every 3 months we would have it tested for Bacteria count and Chloroform. Our pond is stocked with perch and bass and we swim in it as well. People are amazed at how clean our water stays and come to visit our windmill system all the time. I am only now having to replace the maintenance repair kit in the compressor.
Bill Thompson
Wallacetown, Ontario

Koenders Windmills,
Golf Course Using Windmills Instead OF Pond Chemicals
“We have owned the Koenders windmill aeration systems for a couple of years now and we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of our golf course pond water. We have 2 of the Koenders wind powered aeration systems operating, one that we use in one of our smaller dugouts and the other in our larger dugout that goes right across the golf course. The Koenders windmills have kept our water clear, algae free.
As well, we have had some really strong winds come through here and the windmills have held up well. We are very happy with the product, even more so that we don’t have to use any dangerous chemicals to keep our water clean.”
Carla Clarkson
Brandon, MB

Koenders Water Solutions Inc
Golf Course with 6 Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems
“We have been using your aeration windmills for 2 years now and they definitely get the job done, in fact we have 6 Koenders windmills at our golf course.
They keep the algae away and really that’s all we have ever wanted. We started with a couple aeration windmills and then we ordered some more after we noticed how effective they are. I would definitely recommend this method of keeping golf course ponds clean”
Matt Iannetta
HoneyBrook, PA

Koenders Windmills.
Golfers Love Our Windmill
“We installed the Koenders Dual Diaphragm aeration windmill in 2012 to aerate a one and half acre pond at our golf course, it is 4ft deep on one side and 10ft on the other, so we just placed one airstone on each side of the pond and controlled the airflow with the 2 way selector valve to ensure sufficient oxygen reaches the entire pond.
Before installing your windmill we had fish kills and the pond was completely covered in Algae. Now with the Koenders windmill we haven’t had any fish kills and the pond is now clear. Golfers are always interested to see how well the windmill is working, especially when you get 10 mph and higher winds, it really starts bubbling.”

Koenders Water Solutons,

Get on the Golf Courses.

Our windmill aeration system by Koenders was installed 20 years ago on our 1/2 Acre fish pond in Ontario. It has kept our pond open during the winter months and our fish healthy all year round. We have a lot of golf courses around our area that have dirty, mucky ponds that could really use your Koenders windmills to aerate their golf course ponds. Perhaps you should get somebody to contact them. I am sure they would be interested in this environmentally friendly, affordable system to keep their water clean. It has been a very effective and reliable way for us to do it for all these years.

Joan Chikinsky
Metcalfe, Ontario

Koenders Water Solutions Inc

Koenders Windmills are Aerating are Sewage Lagoons

“We have been using the Koenders windmill aeration systems to treat our 1 acre sewage lagoons for about 2 and half years now, we put 1 Dual Diaphragm windmill aeration system in between 2 sewage lagoons and then placed one airstone diffusor in each lagoon, we have been amazed by the results. Recently, one of our other lagoons had formed a thick green and blue Algae, so I just placed one of the airstone diffusors in the middle of the algae effected area(1/4 acre) and 15-16 days later its almost all gone. I am sure in one more week all the algae will be gone. We couldn’t be happier with your product”.

Sean DeHavilland
Sewage and Water Specialist
Mission Hills Community Services District

Koenders Water Solutions,

We run a Camping Resort called Cozy Corners and installed a Koenders Windmill 15 years ago to keep our fish healthy and our pond clean. A lot of the kids enjoy fishing at the water so we have our pond stocked with Blue Gill, Bass, Crappie, Cat Fish and others. Your windmill aeration system works awesome!!! It keeps the moss off the pond and our fish alive. It has worked problem free for all these years.

Randy Bramlett
Clinton, MO

Koenders Windmills,

Our Windmill Has Been Pumping Air for 19 Years Straight!!!

19 Yrs with our windmill aeration system by Koenders and never had to perform maintenance except for one little screw adjustment. Amazing that for all these years I have never had to perform any maintenance – this unit has been pumping for all this time. We also have an Koenders air-driven water pump that is attached so that we can aerate our pond and also pump water to our garden. Mind you, this year we have not needed to pump water anywhere, it has been a rainy one. Our fish also enjoy the added oxygen that the windmill gives them, we have healthy trout that weigh over 6 lbs.

Wayne Sigsworth
Smithfalls, Ontario

Koenders Windmills


I built my own tower and mounted a Koenders double diaphragm windmill head with no trouble at all 3 years ago. I am able to aerate my minnow pond with three air stones and the past 3 years I’ve not experienced one fish kill. I run it year round and it works great. Like last year for example, we had a very deep freeze here in Wisconsin and many of my neighbors experienced winter fish kill but I did not. I’m certain it’s because of aeration. Since I raise minnows aeration is very important to my business.

Robert Marek
Cadott, WI

Never had a Fish Kill!

We installed our Koenders Windmill over 14 years ago at the suggestion of the guy at the local Fish Farm. He told us that we would not have a fish kill and that the fish would be much healthier if we added oxygen to the water. He was right, we have Crappie, Blue Gill, Bass and Channel Cat Fish and we have never had a fish kill and the fish that we catch always look good. The pond also looks a lot nicer since we installed the windmill aeration. This product has been maintenance FREE for all this time eventhough they told us that we would need to do maintenance.

Terry Snyder
Bryant, Indiana

Dear Koenders Water Solutions,

We installed our windmill aeration systems on our Waste Water Treatment ponds in 2009. Innophos manufacturers food phosphates and prides itself on sustainability. The windmills do not require electricity to run and they are also being used to help clean the waste water so that we can re-use it in our manufacturing process. The product is performing as per expectations and we are happy that we made this choice for lagoon aeration.

Karl Smith
Innophos Corporation

Koenders Windmills,

We have been using a Koenders Windmill aeration system to aerate our Farm Fish Pond for over 10 Years and it works great. Our pond is fairly large 600 X 350 by 40 FT deep. We put 500 Trout into this pond each year and the windmill aeration keeps the water clean and algae FREE. It also keeps the fish healthy all year round. The Trout are an important part of our diet and they are nice and thick, due in large part to the Koenders farm pond aeration system that we use.

We eat the trout and prepare them in many different ways, we can them, pickle them, grind them up into fish patties and make burgers – they are so GOOD!!

Thanks for helping make sure our fish are kept so healthy.

Irwin Gatzke
Warman, SK


Koenders has helped us keep our pond water clean and welcome life like frogs and minnows abundant through our use of your Natures Pond Conditioner and the aeration windmill.


Bob Morrison
Bethany, Ontario

Koenders Windmills,

Here are some pictures of our pond with the windmill. We put it up in 2002 after we experienced a significant fish die off in the spring. Since putting it up, our fish are very happy. You’ll notice that we also installed the hinges on it so maintenaince is very easy.

I am looking forward to your Pond Conditioner to see how it works. You may use these pictures in your advertising. The pond is located in Hartland Michigan. Please let me know if there are any other questions.

Click for Larger Image
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Kathy Hutton
Hartland, MI

Koenders Windmills,

We have been using a Koenders Windmill aeration system for over 7 years to aerate my 1/4 acre recreation pond in my back yard.

It has been maintenance Free and the fish, frogs, and birds love it. I have 2 diffusers running off the one windmill and they are in about 16 FT of water. Thanks for a wonderful and reliable product.

Gerhard Epp
Wheatly, Ontario

Koenders Water Solutions,

Unbelievable!!!!! I was looking through my invoices from when I purchased our Koenders Windmills and it is exactly 12 years to the month and we have not done anything to them. We installed 2 of your Koenders Windmill aeration system to aerate our 18 Ft deep fish pond. The kids have a blast fishing for blue gill and bass. The windmills keep the fish healthy and the algae and weeds down. Thanks for a such a great product.

Raymond Rady
Homestead County, OH

Dear Koenders Windmills,

Our Koenders Windmill aeration systems is one of the few things in life that you do not have to do a thing to once it is up and running. We installed this system over 7 years ago and it has done everything it promised and more. We have a 1/2 acre trout pond on our acreage and this windmill has kept the pond clean and fish healthy during all seasons. Nothing has been as maintenance FREE, trouble FREE and dependable as our Koenders Windmill.

This trout pond is a real important part of our life, my mother in-law, who is now 90 years old goes down to the pond in her golf cart almost every day. She still fishes and even if she doesn’t catch anything, her and her friends love recapturing their youth at the pond. My father-in-law, who passed away last year at 101, would also go down everyday. This windmill and our fish pond is a lot more than people may think to our family.

Koenders, thanks for making a product that we can depend on!!!!

Ron Hepperle
Millet, AB

We have been using your windmill aeration system for 10 years and it has been maintenance Free. The Koenders Windmill Aeration system has kept our fish healthy and happy, we have perch that are over 13 inches long. This aeration method has been an excellent source of oxygen for the water and using this windmill allows us to do it with no energy costs. Our 1.5 acre pond does not get any plants or algae in it and is one of the cleanest ponds in the area.

David Mitchell
Abrams, WI

Koenders Windmills


We bought a Koenders Windmill aertion system over 13 years ago and its kept our pond water nice and clean. We have never done a thing to our windmill, not even any of the maintenance that Koenders recommends, this must be a new record for product neglect and one that keeps working despite its lack of care. The valve in the airstone diffuser finally seized up and I just bought the maintenance repair kit to deal with this issue. I have used another Pond treatment that does not work very well so am looking forward to using your Natures Pond Conditioner. If it works anywhere close to the windmill then we will be extremely happy. Attached is a picture of the airstone diffuser that we had and never done anything to. This will give your customers an idea of what an air diffuser will look like if it is placed at the bottom of the pond for 13 years and never cleaned.

Tim Rokosz
Freeland, MI

Koenders Windmills,

Keeping our Pump Filter Clean and Algae Free:

We have owned our windmill aeration system for almost 20 years and amazingly have not done a thing to it for all these years. It has kept our cattle drinking pond algae and weed free. We pump water up from this pond to a holding tank for our cattle to drink from. Before having our windmill aeration system we would have to change out our pump filter every few months because it would get clogged up with algae and weeds. This was not only inconvenient but it started to get pretty costly overtime – $ 56 per/filter. Now we only have to change out our filter once every two years.

Dean Dowling
Swanton, OH

Koenders Water Solutions,

We have a spring fed recreational pond about 1 acre in size that is full with fish. About 12 years ago we purchased our Koenders Windmill aeration system to ensure our pond does not stagnate. The windmill is doing a marvelous job of keeping our fish alive and the pond water clear. During the winter months it keeps a hole open in the ice to ensure the pond can vent off the gases caused by the decomposing of leafs and other matter, another key to keeping our fish healthy all year round.

We only do maintenance on our windmill system every 6 years or so and are very satisfied with the performance and reliability of the product.

Vincent Luczak
Fife Lake, MI

I have owned my Koenders Windmill for 17 years and it has been working wonderfully ever since. We currently live in TX and I moved our windmill down with us 4 years ago. It used to aerate a Koi pond that we had, now it is installed on our 3/4 acre cat fish pond. We have about 300 cat fish in this pond.

A few years ago we had a terrible drought down here in Texas, our pond water level dropped from 9 Ft to 3 Ft. All the other pond owners in the area lost their fish, but we didn’t lose any. I credit this to our Koenders Windmill Aeration System.

This windmill has been great, thanks Koenders!

Dennis Scott
Livingston, TX

Koenders Water Solutions

We have been very happy with our windmill. For over 10 years we have been using your windmill to pump water to irrigate our gardens and to aerate our ponds. We had a small issue 5 years ago and did not know what it was so called your support line and they were extremely helpful in guiding us through what was determined to be, a very simple fix, a bolt needed to be tightened up at the compressor. Other than this our windmill has worked maintenance free for all this time.

I am retired now but spent my career constructing bridges and would consider myself quite handy. As a hobby, I rebuild old antique cars so I am, what one would consider, mechanically inclined, Koenders you have built an excellent product that works very well.


Keith Barrett
Plainfield, Ontario

Koenders Windmills

For over 7 years we have been using a Koenders Windmill to aerate our 1/3rd of an acre Trout Pond.
Before installing our windmill aeration system from Koenders we experienced all sorts of problems with algae, weeds and fish die offs.

I am happy to say that since we installed the windmill we have had no issues with our pond. Our fish are healthy and we have clean pond water. We have not serviced the windmill for all these years, it just keeps on working.

Great product!

Mike Hinson
Troy, ID

Koenders Water Solutions

My mother bought our windmill way back and it has been in service for over 20 years. It keeps my pond really clean and the fish healthy. We have Bass, Blue Gill, Cat Fish, Crappie and since we installed the windmill aeration system have never had a fish Kill.

In the winter time my kids would skate on our pond so we would simply take the airline off the windmill so that the aeration would not go in. On the winters that they did not skate on the pond we would keep the windmill running all winter long to ensure that we keep the fish healthy. This would also keep the ice of a big majority of the pond so it would attract all sorts of wild life.

We have never done anything to this windmill. It just keeps on working, in all seasons and in all winds, both very low winds and extremely high ones. Quite amazing

Thanks Koenders for a great windmill.

William Baker
Dillsboro, Indiana

Koenders Windmills

Gentlemen: I recently purchased and installed your windmill aeration system, easy construction and smooth, efficient operation. You make a class product!

Would it be possible to purchase from you a single compressor assembly case only – no pump, no check valve, no pivot post – just the steel case? I have a small generator that I’d like to experiment with. Your case would be ideal for this job. Appreciate hearing from you.

PS. I am amazed at the amount of aeration and rotation of the blades that occur during low wind conditions, A1 Product!!!

F.J. Wallmark
Lebanon, MO

Koenders Water Solutions

We have a 2 acre recreational pond that we have been swimming and fishing in for years. We have perch, bass, blue gill and catfish and I a pleased to say that once installing our Koenders Windmill we have never had a fish kill. In addition, during the hot summer months the pond water is kept clean and algae free thanks to our windmill aeration system.

We installed our windmill over 15 years ago and the only maintenance that we have done is replace the diaphragm and check valves in the compressor 8 yrs ago. Its like clock work, for less than $ 50 in maintenance every 8 yrs I have a clean pond and healthy fish. We do not use Pond chemicals for we do not believe in putting toxic chemicals into the water that we fish and swim in. I am however, interested in your Natures Pond Conditioner. I understand that this is a Food Grade Pond Dye and beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help ponds maintain a healthy eco-system. Giving our pond water extra help to fight off pollutants in the area is viewed as a good addition to our pond and its inhabitants.

Thanks again and look forward to receiving the information on natures pond conditioner.

Wayne Molowdrowski
Chesterfield, MI

Koenders Water Soliutions

Thank you all for the great windmill aeration product that you manufacture. and support I have owned my Koenders Windmill aeration system for over 8 years and have not done one thing to it.

The windmill looks great and is a perfect addition to our back yard. We have a 3/4 acre fish pond (bass, catfish and crappy) surrounded by rocks and trees. This unit really adds to the beauty of the yard.

I would not just buy the windmill for yard art, it has to work too and it certainly does. This windmill aeration system keeps my fish healthy and alive during all seasons. It also keeps our pond water quality good and clean. This is important for we use the pond water for fishing, swimming and household use.

Thanks again for a reliable and durable product.

William Meyer
Newton Falls, OH,

November 2012


Wanted to let you know that your product has been great. For the last 12 years I have used it to aerate my 3 acre Fish Pond. Ever since installing this windmill I have never had a Fish Die OFF. Up until then every year before that we would have a fish Kill.

We recently had an issue with a Dealer who does not sell your product who sold us a Maintenance Repair KIt. They never told us that it was not a Koenders Windmill product. It must have been a knock off. In any case this kit only lasted 8 months. I would caution Koenders customers to make sure that they are buying Koenders original parts so that they are not inconvenienced like we have been.

All the best!!


Mike Holmes
Iron Mountain, MI

Koenders Windmills,

Wanted to thank you for a product that has been maintenance free for the past 10 years. I always appreciate a product that lives up to its promise and Koenders Windmills has even exceeded our expectations. Before installing our windmill aeration system we had experienced fish kills during the winter months. Our Koenders Windmill Aeration system has kept our pond open and fish healthy during the winter months and we have never had a fish kill since.

We have a 1.5 Acre Fish pond and our Koenders 16 FT tower unit has done a wonderful job. Thanks again for a great product!

John Veriha
Marinette, WI

October 2012

Koenders Windmills,

It has been so long ago that we installed our Koenders Windmill Aeration System that I forget what year it was, atleast 12-15 years ago. In this time, we have not touched this windmill. That is right, no maintenance on it at all. This unit has been working flawlessly until this week. I find out that all I need is a maintenance repair kit for less than $ 50 to get it back up and running. AMAZING!!!

What got us to install this windmill in the first place is a FISH KILL that we had one winter in our 1 acre sized fish pond. After installing this windmill aeration system we have never again experience a fish kill. Our mainly Bass, Blue Gill fish pond have stayed healthy and seem to grow very fast.

We look forward to trying your Natures Pond Conditioner next Spring.


Koenders Windmills

We have been a customer of yours for over 10 yrs with two Koenders windmill aeration systems that aerate each of our trout ponds.

Before installing Koenders Windmill aeration systems I was experiencing regular Fish Kills. I am happy to say that ever since our windmills have been in operation that we no longer have fish kills at our ponds.

Thay have worked extremely well and for the last 10 yrs we have not done a thing to them to maintain the units. When are windmills are turning, which is at very low winds, they put sufficient air in the ponds to keep our trout healthy and alive.

Thanks for a great product.

Koenders Windmills

Thanks for a great product – we have not had a minutes trouble with this windmill since installing it over 15 years ago. It keeps our fish healthy and during this time we have never had a fish kill.

We use our windmill 365 days a year and it works in the harsh winters and the boiling hot summers. The windmill also helps keep the weeds and algae out of the pond which is another great benefit to your windmill aeration system. I cant imagine how much I would have spent on electricity over all these years if I would have installed an electric aerator.

Thanks again.

Koenders Windmills,

Just a quick note to let you know that I installed my windmill aeration system over 10 yrs ago and am only now needing to replace the diaphragm kit ($ 50).

You tell customers that every 5-7 years you will perform this maintenance so once again you have exceeded our expectations. We have catfish 2.5 Ft long and bass that are over 2 FT long so ensuring that we never have a fish kill is important to us.

Your windmill has made sure that are fish stay healthy and pond remains


May 2012

Keonders Windmills.

I have had one of your Koenders Free Air windmills installed on our 2 acre fish Pond for over 8 years. Since we have installed this windmill aeration system I am pleased to say that we have never had one fish die.

The windmill has been reliable and efficient. What a great product.


Dear Koenders

I have had my Koenders Electric Aerator for over 10 yrs and this is only the 2nd time that I have had to replace my maintenance kit ($ 49.95 Kit).

This unit is a work horse and hardly consumes any energy at all. I use this full time on my pond and it keeps it open in the winter months so that my pond water stays healthy and my fish remain alive.

We are just thrilled with our investment in Koenders EL2. You guys are the champs!!! If everything I bought could last like a Koenders I would be a very happy customer.


james1Hey Yall! Just wanted to say that the windmill is up and the pond is perculating right along. I’ve enjoyed the easy assembly, by myself, but the biggest thrill was standing it up and watchin it spin! A great product for the money, and a great staff backing it up. Check out the pictures of my 20 footer, done “TEXAS” style! Another happy customer!

james2 james3

Koenders Windmills,

From One of YOUR FIRST CUSTOMERS – 23 years AGO!!!

We bought our Windmill Aeration System in 1988 and must be one of your first customers. Today I ordered another Koenders Windmill for my neighbor because he has been so impressed with how mine has been working for all these years.

Our windmill was used 23 years ago to aerate our dugout to avoid pond stagnation and algae growth as we needed to ensure our cattle drank from a healthy water source. It did a fabulous job of that for years. We also used the pond to hold trout. Before installing our windmill we would regularly have fish kills. We have never had a trout fish kill since installing our Koenders Windmill and it is still used to this day to keep our fish healthy and alive.

Our windmill keeps going and going! Never had an issue or any maintenance
on it.

Thanks again for a great product!!



We have owned our windmill aeration system for 14 years and are amazed by the incredible job it is doing in keeping our pond healthy and clean. Our Koenders Windmill has removed and kept out 99% of the weeds and algae in our pond.

The other great thing about this windmill is it has works both in low winds and in high without any problems – we have not done any maintenance or repair for this long. The only thing I have done is grease the pivot
tube every few years to facilitate it turning in and out of the wind. Up until now this is the only thing I have done. Now I will replace the diaphragm with the maintenance kit that I have recently ordered which I fully expected to do years ago.

Ou grand kids love this pond – they fish in it all the time. Even during the winter our windmill pumps air into the pond – it helps keep the fish healthy, we have never had a fish kill since installing the windmill.

Thanks again for a great product!!

Koenders Windmills a Snap to Assemble

We recently got the first of two windmills up and running. The instructions were so detailed, that assembly was a snap. It reminded me of my days playing with an erector set when I was a kid. The wind mill works great and the fish have never been happier. Also, we happened to buy a Weather Channel remote weather station and mounted the anemometer on the base. It appears that somewhere around 1.2 to 1.5 MPH the fan starts turning. That seems pretty efficient. I’m looking forward to getting our second one in service.

Here’s photo of the final assembly phase and completed windmill. We loved the “Thin Ice” decal too.

don1 don2

Koender Windmills,

Thanks to your detailed instruction manual and assembly guide for our Koenders Windmill Aeration System the installation went smooth and easy. I found that by following it step-by-step was the best way to go and it all started making sense and coming together early in the assembly phase. Our windmill is now up and running and works great. Not bad for a 60 year old women. By the way the pivot pairs made it really easy to assemble as well.

Many Thanks.


“Here are two pictures of the windmills. The aeration really works – energy for free. We love it!”

Golf Course Windmill“After assembling the windmill in our shop (1 guy about 8 hours), we took it to the site and anchored the pivot points in high-strength concrete footings. After setting overnight, we tipped it upright and anchored the third stake. Hooking up the airlines was a snap, and we now (as soon as we receive more air line) have 3 diffusers in 3 different locations throughout the pond. The building behind the windmill is our pump house which feeds the irrigations system. Clean, algae-free water for irrigating our golf course is crucial, and the main reason we chose to purchase a Koenders windmill aerator. I will send you a few photos later today. Thanks for all your help!”

“As an aquaculture consultant, I try to minimize fish diseases and parasites and maximize fish production. Three installed Koenders aeration windmills help. In North Florida your windmills economically improve water quality by aeration, reducing sedimentation, algae control, combating stratification and improving water temperature control. This resulting improved water quality lets North Florida fish farmers maximize stocking capacity and disease and parasite control”.

Farm Windmill“Attached is a photo of my new Koenders pond aeration windmill. I should add that I had great fun assembling it in my garage over the (cold) winter; the instructions that arrived with the parts were very useful and your service in response to telephone questions very friendly, prompt and professional.”

“We purchased one of your windmills to aerate our pond in South Florida last year and are amazed at how clean the water is. But more importantly, it survived Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. We lost around 7 pine trees, but your windmill is still standing and working just fine. Thank you for the great product.”

“I could not be happier with the results, in 2 months you can see a marked improvement in the water quality. We have already had 2 ducks & a family of water fowl take up residence … The mill was easy to assemble & erect & has performed perfectly … A happy customer “

“I have owned a Koenders Windmill for nine years. I have had to replace the front bearing once. I contacted Koenders to see if there was anything else I should do; they told me that a heavier crankshaft and bearing update was available. I was very pleased that I could improve my windmill without having to replace the whole machine. I also replaced the original diaphragm, even though it showed little wear. My windmill runs like a new machine. Thank you for a machine well built.”

Click for larger image
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“Just thought I’d send you a picture of how the Koenders Windmill Aeration System has kept out pond open this winter.”

“I purchased two Koenders wind aerators in the summer of 2002, for my 4 acre lake. I could not be more pleased. The units are completely maintenance-free and extremely reliable.”

“On July 18, 2000 we installed our first Koenders Free Air Windmill on the shoreline of our 20 acre lake at 8850′ altitude. This windmill worked with such efficiency that we installed another windmill the next year. The Windmills work year round and operate efficiently at low wind speed. They have exceeded our expectations; they are efficient and require very little maintenance.”

“United Farmers of Alberta Cooperative has been dealing with Koenders Windmills for many years and have sold their Windmills throughout the entire province of Alberta.
We have had great success with their product and have been very pleased with both the High Quality and Support provided by Koenders.”

“I am so pleased with my last purchase of one of your windmills. It has performed beyond all my expectations. I like it so much that I ordered another one.”

“2 years and really like it. I want to let you know how pleased I am that, for the last 2 years I’ve had one of your windmills aerating my 1 1/2 acre lake. Ours is one of the clearest and most weed-free lakes in our area. The Dealer I purchased it from has been great to work with.”

“The water quality improved quickly…within 2 weeks of the installation”

Click for larger image
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“I am sure my fish could not have survived this winter had it not been for my Koender’s windmill. The first picture was taken the week before Christmas. That was the last time I saw it completely free of ice. Since then I have had one partial melt around the edges which lasted for a couple of days but it has also been cold enough to freeze it over completely.

Click for larger image
Click for Larger Image
Even then, you could still see where the windmill was working, aerating the water under the ice.

Today, after two days of unseasonably warm weather, we are back in the deep freeze… but my Koender’s windmill just keeps working (notice the open water near the center of the pond!) … churning in fresh air deep under water.

Click for larger image
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As I was riding my Harley around Valley City last summer, I could not help but notice the number of windmills appearing recently by ponds large and small. I cannot imagine anyone in Ohio who has a stocked pond ever being without such a device again. I know I will never be. It pays for itself with every restocking it saves! Thanks again for helping me acquire such an essential and functional product. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to assemble and set it up myself. What a great environmental statement!”

“Hi Koenders. Here is a formula for success.

Koenders Windmill + Wind = Clear Water

We installed a windmill on our pond bank to aerate the water for better fish and livestock usage. We have a frost proof tank, which is gravity fed with a float valve below the pond. We noticed that several months after we installed the windmill the water was so clear that we could see the bottom of the tank. The whole pond is much clearer but I don’t understand fish talk to hear their comments.”


Wanted to let you know that your product has been great. For the last 12 years I have used it to aerate my 3 acre Fish Pond. Ever since installing this windmill I have never had a Fish Die OFF. Up until then every year before that we would have a fish Kill.

We recently had an issue with a Dealer who does not sell your product who sold us a Maintenance Repair KIt. They never told us that it was not a Koenders Windmill product. It must have been a knock off. In any case this kit only lasted 8 months. I would caution Koenders customers to make sure that they are buying Koenders original parts so that they are not inconvenienced like we have been.

All the best!!

Koenders Windmills Organization,

Our Koenders windmill has been aerating our 2.5 acre Fish Pond for between 12-15 years. It is 22 FT deep and so our Cat Fish thrive in this environment, some of them are upto 4.5 FT long. In the freezing months its especially important to have the aeration going for it keeps the pond open and gives the fish the oxygen they need to stay healthy during those cold winter months. Since we installed our windmill aeration system we have never had a fish kill.

The other benefit we have noticed from our windmill aeration system is the clarity and clean look of the water during the rest of the year. We do weddings by our pond and people love taking pictures by it with the windmill in the distant background. This system has been working with no problems at all until just recently when we had to change out the diaphragm and check valves. Your company recommends every 5-7 years to change this out, well we have not had to do it for double that time.

These windmill aeraion systems work fantastic.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Hi Terry & Gina, Hope your thanksgiving went well. I thought I would drop a note to let you know how clean & clear my 1/4 acre pond is. Although I had no assistance building my tower & turbine, the day to haul it out to my pasture 140ft from my pond everyone showed up to help after getting the word out. During the lift up i assigned one person to touch up the paint where the tower was resting on a sawhorse for the perfect paint job.

Since I installed the Koenders Windmill I have not had one concern over the way it operates & have watched the water clean itself up as my pics reveal. Pardon my water level as it’s 3 ft low due to a very long drought this year. My fish are very active also. Thanks again for a great product.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

James Bruce Taylor, Franklin, Georgia.

Koenders Water Solutions Company

When we were building our house over 9 years ago we needed to elevate the ground where the home would stand in order to comply with the county regulations. In order to do this we decided to dig out a 1/2 acre pond and use the soil to build up our home’s elevation. When we did this we wanted to make sure that the pond remained clean and maintenance FREE. So 9 yrs ago we installed our Koenders Windmill Aeration System. Living in south Florida we get both hurricanes and hot weather so the aeration equipment must be sturdy, durable and efficient. Your product has proved that.

We have a 1/2 acre fish pond – the fish are made up of whatever the birds drop in the water , bass and brim fish primarily. The windmill keeps our fish healthy and more importantly the pond water crystal clear. We have the best looking pond in the neighborhood and the Koenders windmill aeration system is the reason! I am sure of this because just 400 FT away is my neighbor’s pond who has the same water source, and, his pond is dirty and cloudy.

In 2005 we suffered the hit of 3 hurricanes in one year. The Koenders Windmill survived them all!!! Very Impressive!!!
Thanks for living up to your promises!!

John Anderson
Loxahatchee, FL

Click for Larger Image
I first bought my 24 foot Koenders aeration Windmill in September of 2012 to hopefully clear up my spring fed pond, and it did! Assembly of the windmill was pretty simple, took some time but directions were very helpful. I was worried about the pond freezing over this winter when temps got below 10 degrees, but as long as the wind was blowing it was aerating..

If you put it together as per the directions, you can’t even hear the turbine moving. I am very happy with it and decided to buy a second one. I’m very excited to get it in. I ordered it today and it should be here within two days.

Terry, who is in charge of the US division at Koenders Windmills was very helpful. Needless to say I highly recommend a Koenders windmill to anyone looking to aerate a pond, lower your electric bill or use it for decoration. Great windmill.

Thanks again Koenders!

Jake Jaindl Orefield, PA

Koenders Water Solutions

We have been using your windmills to aerate our 11 Acre Fish and Irrigation Pond for over 7 years. We have several of your Koenders Windmill aeration systems on the pond and it has served to keep the water algae and weed free. This assists us in irrigating our corn, hay and alfalfa fields by ensuring the irrigation pumps do not get clogged up. Aerating the pond has also kept our fish alive and healthy. The pond at our University is also a conservation area and is open to the public for fishing.

Your windmills have worked extremely well to serve our purposes and they have been maintenance FREE.

All the best!

Colby Edwards
University of Missouri
MU Field Operations

Koenders Water Solutions,

We have been using your windmill aeration system on our 3 acre Fish Pond for over 16 years. It may be hard to believe but we have never had an issue with the windmill. Never taken it down for any maintenance, never even done any maintenance on it.

The windmill aeration has done a wonderful job of circulating the water and keeping the pond open in the winter months. This windmill has helped keep the fish healthy and pond water clean.

Thanks Koenders, we are real pleased with your product,
Charles Casey
Lacon, ILL

Koenders Water Solutions,

As per our conversation today, I have owned my Koenders windmill aeration system since 2002. It has worked extremely well in keeping the water moving and the weeds down. In the past, we had a lot of fish in the water but all the animals ate them. The aeration did such a good job of keeping them healthy that the fish were a great meal source for everyone but us. The Blue Herons, Racoons, Beavers, Muskrats all took part in depleting our fish population.

We now use our pond as a swimming hole during hot summer months. When we bought our windmill over 11 years ago there were none of these units around. Now, anyone in the area who has a pond also has a windmill, 50-100 of them in the region.

A few of the neighbors have installed other brands but they clearly do not work as well as the Koenders Windmill which is what almost all of the pond owners have.

Thanks Again, we will keep on recommended your product, its the best!!!

Kevin Armstrong
Ashton, Ontario

Koenders Water Solutions,

We purchased a Koenders Electric Aerator – the EL2 unit over 10 years ago and it has been running 24/7 ever since. The only maintenance we have ever had to do is replace the diaphragm in it once. It keeps our pond/dugout water sparkling clear and is the water that we use for our cattle to drink from. I sincerely wish more products were as well built and as long lasting as these Koenders EL2 aerators.

Alan Lewis
Taylor, B.C.

Since 1993 the City of Prineville has operated the Meadow Lakes Golf Course. This course is part of the City’s wastewater treatment plant and is used to dispose of treated effluent. The course contains 10 large ponds of treated effluent, providing a water hazard on all 18 holes. As the ponds contain treated wastewater in such close proximity to the public, the Department of Environmental Quality would not allow for water features to be used that would spray or aerate the water. Over the course of the last 18 years, the organic loading in the ponds has increased significantly.

The ponds were originally designed is such a way that the naturally occurring bacteria would utilize dissolved oxygen to decompose this organic material. Unfortunately, the bacteria were unable to keep up with the organic loading and issues arose. At certain times of the year, the level of dissolved oxygen in the pond would reach zero and the bacteria would begin to use sulfate as an oxygen source for respiration. By consuming the oxygen atom from the sulfate molecule, hydrogen sulfide was produced and the golf course was overwhelmed with the classic “rotten egg” odors.

The City recognized that the ponds needed to be aerated to prohibit the production of hydrogen sulfide and to clarify the water. However, there was no power source near the ponds to provide aeration and trenching miles of power lines through the turf and irrigation systems was not possible. The City teamed with Koenders windmills on a solution. By placing 5 separate windmill systems on various ponds, the City has cost effectively solved the problem. The windmills have now been working for 1.5 years and the hydrogen sulfide smell has not been an issue once. Also, water quality is slowly improving. Overall, Koenders Windmills have been a great, cost effective solution for the City of Prineville.

Below is a copy of an article regarding the windmills posted by the local paper.

City of Prineville
Prineville, Oregon

Koenders Windmills,

We have been using your windmill to aerate our fish pond for over 10 years. The year before purchasing the Koenders Windmill we had a large fish kill, never happened since we installed our windmill aeration system. It works very well in keeping the pond water open in the winter and the water clean in the summer.

Now we have a healthy population of large mouth bass in the pond and the birds certainly seem to like it. We get ducks flying in all the time and snacking on the fish, fun to watch. Just decided to increase the height of my tower from a 16 FT tower to a 20 FT tower. I like the idea of the hinges as well, so that we can tilt the windmill up and down. After 10 years we have not had to do any maintenance on this windmill what so ever, so I am expecting in the next couple of years that we may have to do something, even if it is just changing out the diaphragm kit. The hinges will make it easier to do that.

All the best,
Dirk Emde
Hanover, Ontario

We bought our Koenders Windmill in 1990 and replaced the first diaphragm around 10 years later. Here it is 2013 and I am just replacing it again. Other than greasing the tower top every year it has needed nothing else.

We have bass, bluegill and perch in our pond and the windmill keeps the water in real good shape and our fish healthy. Our pond gets used for picnics and church gatherings, so your Windmill is seen by many. Great product.

F Green – Troy Ohio

Over 12 years ago we installed a Koenders Windmill to pump air into our 3/4 acre Brim and Bass Pond. The only issue we’ve ever had with our pond was when we didn’t maintain it with our windmill aeration system. Since installing the windmill we have had no issues with either it or the pond. Louisiana is not known for high winds, however, this windmill has worked so well in low winds that it has been an ideal solution to keep our fish healthy and our pond clean. We like to keep our pond looking nice for it is located right by our house. We are looking forward to trying the Natures Pond Conditioner – the other pond dyes that we have tried make our water look too fake.

Kevin Bernard – Rayne, LA

Dear Mr. Goode:

I am pleased to extend congratulations on your receiving the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce Award for Business Excellence in the category of Export.

A strong and dynamic business community is essential to sustaining Saskatchewan’s growth and success. I applaud your accomplishments in business and your contribution to both your community’s growth and our province’s economic potential. Your level of commitment and dedication in business provide new opportunities for Saskatchewan and its people. Thank you for making a difference in your community.

On behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan, congratulations and best wishes for continued success.

Brad Wall

Koenders Windmills,

We our proud owners of 3 X Koenders Windmills. Two of which we have owned for 7 years – these units are aerating two of our bigger fish ponds. The 3rd Koenders Windmill is aerating our gold fish pond and has been doing so for over 14 years. These windmills have been working with no issue for all these years and they are so much fun to watch!!!

During all these years we have only called Koenders Windmills 2 times. Recently, and one other time many years ago, On both occasions, Koenders has always been very responsive and professional to our needs.

Thanks Again,
Nancy Renfrew
Plummer, ID

I purchased a 16’ windmill over the July 4th weekend and it’s been up and running for about 3 weeks now. I was really impressed with how well engineered it was and how everything fit and went together. I opted to anchor the corners by setting poles in concrete and attaching the windmill to that, giving it a really solid base.

So far I’m really impressed , happy and satisfied with your product. I’m looking forward to many years of reliable service from it.

Rick W

Koenders Windmills,

I have seen such an improvement in the pond since doing all the repairs and treating it with Natures Pond Conditioner. This system is about 20+ years old and doesn’t look like it has had much maintenance to it but is working very well. Thank you Koenders!!

Lyle Kummer
Sioux Falls, SD

Koenders Water Solutions,

Our Pond Is Totally Different Since Installing our Windmill Aeration System!!

We purchased a windmill over 5 years ago, solved all the issues we had. Our pond used to have severe algae blooms that would kill off the fish even though our pond is spring fed. Since installing our windmill the pond has improved dramatically – its a totally different pond. The water clarity is great, keeps the fish alive and keeps a hole open in the ice in winter to vent off all the gasses. First time since we have owned our unit that we have had to do any maintenance. Product is amazing!!

Mike Conrad
Bernville, PA

Koenders Windmill and Nature’s Pond Conditioner,

Great combo to Keep our Pond Clean without Pond Chemicals!!

My wife and I have a pond on our homestead here in southeast Texas. A relative suggested we get a windmill to aerate it and keep it healthy. We researched Windmill makers and decided upon a Koenders Windmill. There’s a fairly steady wind from the south most of the year because we live close to the Gulf of Mexico. With all this wind we didn’t need a tall one so we ordered a 12′ tower. In the spring of 2012 we installed it next to our pond. Healthy fish and healthy plants are the result. We chose the Koenders because of stories I found with these windmills running 15 or 20 years trouble free.

I also use Nature’s Pond Conditioner which adds to the health of our pond. We love our Koenders Windmill and Nature’s Pond Conditioner. Thank you for offering quality products.

S Hunter
South TX

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