How does your Windmill Aeration system work?

The Koenders Free Air Windmill has a top mounted compressor driven by wind which pushes air through the airline to the bottom of your pond.

I have a dirty pond but it is in a location where there is virtually no wind. Do you have a product that would aerate this pond?

You can use our Windmill with up to 1000′ of airline, or you can use our Electric Aerator with up to 1000′ of airline, provided you have access to electricity in the area you wish to place the Electric Aerator.

How much maintenance is required for your Aeration systems?

You should inspect your equipment once a year, as part of your routine maintenance.
Depending upon the environment in your area, you may need to replace the diaphragm and/or insert valves every 2 – 5 years, although we do have customers who are using original equipment still, after 15 years of use.

How long will my Windmill or Electric Aerator last?

You can expect your Koenders Windmill or Electric Aerator to give you 10 – 15 years of faithful service. We have customers who are still using their original equipment purchased in 1988.

Is there a Warranty Program available?

Absolutely. Once you have completed your purchase, complete our Warranty Program registration form to let us know about your product. This applies to products you are purchasing from us or from an Authorized Dealer.

How do I find an Authorized Dealer in my area?

Simply go to our Locate a Dealer page and complete the online request form. You will have a response within a very short time.

I would like to become a Dealer of your products. How do I do that?

Simply go to our Become a Dealer page and complete the online request form. You will have a response within a very short time.

I presently own a 16 foot KFA and think I would like it higher. Is it possible to do this without having to buy an entire new unit?

Yes. We have extension packages available. Contact a Dealer near you or be in touch with us.

Is there some way I can get my airline not to float?

You can either tie it down using weights or purchase Koenders Weighted Airline.

How long will my Airstone Diffuser last?

You can expect your Airstone Diffuser to last a lifetime, under normal use. It may require a cleaning every two years or so, depending upon your water conditions.

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Need an Instruction manual?

Request our complete Instruction Manual (PDF format).

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