Cleaning and Pumping Water from Ponds/Dugouts

If you are looking for a natural way to pump water in remote locations, Koenders Water Solutions DC Solar Water Pumps are an ideal way to provide a water source for small farms, livestock, remote homes and campsites. These pumps are diaphragm type, DC powered, submersibles constructed of Ryton and Stainless Steel.


The Koenders Solar DC Series pumping systems are manufactured from quality components and materials that are potable water safe. The pump is designed to operate on any 12-30 vdc power source, including a 72 cell series array, a 60 or 70 cell module, or a 12 or 24 vdc battery bank. Installation of the product is simple and does not require any special tools.


The Solar DC pump is ideal for remote off the grid locations for home and livestock water needs. The Koenders Solar DC Water Pumping Systems are electric positive displacement diaphragm pumps. Internal over pressure protection is included in the design of the pump to protect all components in the installation. The maximum pump diameter of the DC 1.5 Water Pump is 3.75 inches, designed to fit into a standard 4-inch well casing. The maximum pump diameter of the DC 4.5 is 5.75 inches, designed to fit into a standard 6-inch well casing. Both water pumps can be used to pump water from ponds, lakes or dug outs by attaching the pump to our additional flotation device accessory.


Koenders Water Solutions has designed a Wind Solar Hybrid System for Aeration and Water Pumping

Best of both technologies.  Koenders Windmill Aeration System has been proven to be the best method to aerate ponds/dugouts without the use of electricity.

This combined with Solar Water Pumping system, provides the highest performance for pumping water from dugouts.

Water Pumps can be attached to our Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems with optional Solar Rack Mount for our towers. This allows aeration in ponds and dugouts with our Windmill System while pumping water with our DC Solar Water Pumps.

To order Koenders Water Solutions Solar DC 1.5 / DC 4.5 Pump or the Wind Solar Hybrid System please contact our Pond Care Consultants at toll free: 1-877-888-7707 or email us at


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