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Decorative Fountains powered by Koenders Water Solutions


aeration system - 39040
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Koenders offers the most cost effective, proven and tested fountain on the market. It is a proven fountain that has been on the market for over 15 years and as with our windmills, have thousands installed in North America.

Fountains can act as surface aerators, though surface aeration is recommended only in the shallow areas of the pond as fountains are much less efficient than bottom-up aeration for increasing oxygen levels. Fountains do have more visual appeal though than bottom-up aerators and add to the decor of the pond! Essentially, the splashing of the fountain water traps oxygen in the top 6 inches to 1 FT of the surface pond water. We include our aeration and decorative nozzles to increase the oxygen capture and depth that the surface aeration will go down. The deeper the splash the further down the oxygen penetration goes which helps with the circulation flow in the pond. Surface aeration also assists with minimizing the amount of insect breeding in the pond by providing consistent surface agitation.

Decorative Fountains use very little amperage as you can see by the specifications chart below. Our fountains come with 100 FT of electrical cord instead of the 50 FT that comes with many of the fountains on the market.

Installing the fountain in the shallow areas of the pond and the windmill or electric aerator diffusers in the deeper areas of the pond is the ideal solution. Using our timer that is included with the fountain and setting it to use only a few hours a day will lower your electricity bill and lengthen the life of the fountain. Use a bottom up aeration system to keep your pond clean and healthy while your fountain provides the decor for your pond.

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Decorative Fountain Specs

Decorative Fountains
ModelDecorative Fountains
Motor½ hp
Voltage115 Volt
Warranty1 year limited warranty on pump
Spray pattern (wide V nozzle)4 interchangeable nozzle patterns Spray height: 12-14 feet, Spray width: up to 25 feet
Gallons per hourOver 4,100
Running amps5.0 (may be less depending on nozzle)
Min. water depth1½ FT
Average hourly electrical cost (based on $0.10kw/hr)5½ cents
Average cost to move 10,000 gallons113½ cents
Recommended shallow pond area for aerationUp to ½ acre
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