You want clean and healthy water and it matters to you how you achieve it. Oxygenation is a natural and organic way of breathing life your pond through tiny bubbles created by aerators. Oxygen is the ingredient that enzymes and bacteria rely upon for energy. The more they get, the more they consume the excess nutrients, roundoff and pond muck in your pond, leaving your pond clean and algae at bay.

Building on the legendary reputation and award winning Koenders EL2, the new HD 250 is the next generation of aerators that produces 2 to 3 times more air than the EL2. If your pond is up to one acre in size and as deep as 30ft the HD 250 is your best choice.

The HD 250 is a high performance, low energy aerator designed to provide pond owners with the best performance and reliability in its price category.



The HD250 Aeration System includes Electric Aerator, Weather Resistant Housing, Fan Cooling System and Internal Pressure Release Valve. HD Accessory Packs including airline and airstones are sold separately.

1 year full warranty included, with option for up to 3 year warranty.

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