Nature’s Pond ‘4-in-One Plumbing, Septic & Sewage’ is a highly concentrated mix of beneficial bacteria and enzymes suspended in purified water – a simple, ‘Ready-To-Use’, safe and versatile product designed to clean all plumbing and septic systems right from dishwashers and washing machines to the plumbing that feeds septic and sewage such as kitchen sinks, toilets, drains in barns and everywhere else. Its liquid form protects the bacteria from heat, cold and humidity, extending the shelf life to 24-36 months.

Features and Benefits

Simple to use and environmentally-friendly way to clean bathroom toilets, urinals, sinks, showers, tubs, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines.

It also enhances and speeds up the break down of Fats, Oils, Greases and other organic waste which back up and block plumbing and pipes, without leaving behind toxic residues that are harmful to the environment.

The special bacteria consume harmful phosphates that are a major known pollutant of our fresh water resources, improving the quality of discharge water.

As well as quickly dissipating those unpleasant odors, it is unscented and non-allergenic

Its unique biological composition is used to degrade organic matter in composting wastewater lagoons, sewage storage, septic tanks, and other polluted bodies of water of all sizes that need remediation.

Larger sizes available. Please call our Sales Team at 1-877-888-7707


"Our pond brings a great deal of pleasure to me, thus I want to keep it algae and muck free especially in the hot summer months where pond water issues area more predominant. This year we had a very hot summer, extreme temperatures that got up into the high 80’s, low 90’s and with the use of Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and aeration windmill I was able to keep my pond algae and muck free. My goal has always been to prevent pond water issues from occurring as opposed to waiting until there is an issue."

- Christene Sandeson | Brookfield NS

We can see the bottom of our pond!!

We are using a Koenders Water Solutions 16 ft Single Diaphragm Windmill System as well as Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Dye to keep our swimming pond clean and clear and we can see the bottom at 16 ft deep.

- Patti and Peter | Poplar Forest Lodge and Campground, East Selkirk Manitoba

We are very happy with the product. We also have one of your aeration windmills and pond rakes. Before putting in the Natures’ Pond Conditioner we had a record year of Algae in our pond, all over and thick. The year after using Nature’s Pond Conditioner along with raking out the algae as well, we have had our record year of the pond being the healthiest it has been. The algae was so bad before I can begin to describe it.

- Daniel | Wisconsin

I have been on the nature’s pond care program of for about 2 years now, using the Koender’s Double Diaphragm windmill aeration system and Nature’s Pond Conditioner as well as the Nature’s Pond dye and I am very happy with the results. The algae is almost eliminated and the pond weeds have been reduced significantly, where the pond weeds once went 15-20ft from the shoreline are now only 3.5ft from the shoreline. The Koender’s Aeration windmill has impressed me on how well it has kept the ice off the pond in the cold winter months, not to mention, it’s been virtually maintenance free

- Don | Peoria IL

During the Winter, we use Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill for aeration with 2 airstones and Nature’s Pond Conditioner. It keeps the fish nice and healthy all seasons. We use the pond for fishing and also swimming in the Summer. We’re really happy with everything.

- Sean | Ontario