Nature’s Pond Conditioner is your solution for Clean Water with a Clear Conscience.

To keep your pond in optimal health you need to nourish it with Nature’s Pond Conditioner. Koenders’ industry leading all-in-one organic conditioner is comprised of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, plant extracts, enzyme blends and natural food-grade dyes.

The bacteria and enzymes feast on excess nutrients like debris, fish droppings, run off, accumulated pond sludge and phosphates. The food dye adds a blue/green color to your water, enhancing its natural beauty.

The Benefits of Nature’s Pond Conditioner include:

Nature’s Pond Conditioner has proven itself to be effective for pond owners. Like all things natural the beneficial bacteria and enzymes take time to show their effectiveness. This is not a pesticide and it doesn’t kill living matter. It is a proven organic solution for the care and maintenance of your pond, nature’s way.

For ponds that are in reasonably good health you can expect to see improvements in the clarity of their water and the health of your pond within two to three weeks with the recommended quantities.

For ponds that are in poor health or at a point of stagnation we strongly recommend the use of a Koenders Windmill or Electric Aerators in combination with more concentrated volumes of Nature’s Pond Conditioner. The benefits of aeration and beneficial bacteria working together will bring your pond back to good health with time and continuous seasonal applications for Nature’s Pond Conditioner.


Recommended Quantities Per Acre
1 Quart / 1 Litre Treats a 50×50′ pond or 2500 sq ft
1 Gallon / 4 Litres Treats a 1/4 acre pond or 10,890 sq ft
5 Gallons / 20 Litres Treats a 1 – 1.5 Acre pond

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