Looking to enhance the colour of your pond water between Nature’s Pond Conditioner treatments? Look no further – introducing Nature’s Pond Dye.

Using a blended mix of pigments, this pond dye will produce an overcast natural deep color. Unlike other dyes on the market, Nature’s Pond Dye produces a darker, rich, more genuine appearance that will complement the landscape and terrain. Not only are all our products eco-friendly, we want them to look all-natural too!

Benefits of Nature’s Pond Dye:


Recommended Quantities Per Acre
1 Gallon / 4L Treats up to 4 Acre Feet (1 acre, 4 feet deep)
2.5 Gallons / 10L Treats up to 10 Acre Feet (2.5 acres, 4 feet deep)
5 Gallons / 20L Treats up to 20 Acre Feet (5 acres, 4 feet deep)


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