Aeration windmills have consistently been a great tool to aid pond owners in tackling the issues caused by run off and nutrient pollution in their ponds. There are a lot of options available when it comes to picking a windmill so we thought we would provide you with information that might help you decide which product or brand is best suited for your needs.

We commissioned a study to review 4 different windmill aeration designs. The study tested the following compressor types at different water depths and wind speeds:

Instead of focusing on cubic feet per minute, the results focus on cubic feet per month of air being produced.  Cubic feet per month shows what a windmill aeration system will actually produce in the field and is a metric that is a much better indicator of performance. In the field you have wind speeds and varying pond depth which yields a corresponding PSI of back pressure rating.
This technical white paper is intended for the end user and has been written in a way that consumers can understand. We hope it sheds some light on the potential for misleading performance measurements and aides you in the selection of a windmill aeration system that works for you.