A Wide Variety of Applications

A Koenders Windmill is all the maintenance you need to achieve quality water for a wide variety of applications from livestock, irrigation, spraying, gardening, fish farming, golf courses, Park Management, recreational use, Wastewater Management, even household use.

There is a significant increase in cattle weight gain, as noted in an independent study by Canada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture.

The project was conducted utilizing Koenders Aeration and Water Pump products and concluded that cattle weight gain reduces by 23% when drinking only dugout water.

Koenders windmills are an excellent solution for Pond Algea and Pond Scum problems. They also significantly reduce the risk of West Nile Virus.

Preventative measures for the spread of West Nile begin with aeration of any stagnant water bodies. Koenders Aeration systems are a perfect fit for the job. Help save Human and Animal lives from this deadly disease whether on the Golf Course, in the back yard or doing regular Farm duties.

There are many excellent websites on West Nile Virus. To learn more, may we recommend: www.westnile.state.pa.us

You may also want to check out Pond Owner Magazine, an online magazine devoted to offering articles, information, and studies on pond care and maintenance.