RENEW, REVIVE and REMOVE. Koenders Water Solutions designed the Nature’s Pond 3 Step Pond Care Program as a complete solution to deal with pollutants in water, including two of the most common algae causing nutrients, phosphorus and nitrogen. Here are the benefits of our 3 Step Program:

<b>Koenders Water Solutions 3 Step Pond Care Program</b>
STEP 1: RENEW Nature’s Pond Conditioner

Nature’s Pond Conditioner

Koenders Water Solutions has been working with Farmers, Municipalities, Golf Courses, and Pond Owners to safely clean their water for over 30 years. Our Nature’s Pond Conditioner is made of a natural blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that clean and clear water, reducing the need for harmful chemicals.

Unlike some herbicides and algaecides that contain chemicals, Nature’s Pond Conditioner is completely safe for fish, livestock, birds, and most importantly, you.

Our powerful formula goes to work breaking down and consuming phosphorus, nitrogen, cyanobacteria and other polluting nutrients to start the process of cleaning and clearing water.

Bottom-Up Aeration

Once Nature’s Pond Conditioner has worked its nutrient breakdown magic, bottom-up aeration infuses the water with oxygen, which is very important because oxygen supports beneficial bacteria in the water, further helping eliminate cyanobacteria and polluting nutrients. This allows the digested nutrients to make their way out of the water and into the air. Koenders Water Solutions manufactures several models of electric, windmill, and solar-powered aeration systems.

Read more about the Importance of Bottom-Up Aeration VS Surface Aeration here.

For a full list of our aeration products, go to our Products & Accessories page.

STEP 2: REVIVE Bottom-Up Aeration
STEP 3: REMOVE Cutter N’ Rake

Cutter N’ Rake

Renew with Nature’s Pond Conditioner, check. Revive with bottom up aeration, check. The last step in our program is to remove unwanted aquatic vegetation with our Cutter n’ Rake to maintain the health of your pond.

Removing vegetation manually is more effective than using herbicides and algaecides, which results in dead matter sinking to the bottom, creating a build-up of muck and sludge. With our sturdy, lightweight Cutter n’ Rake and detachable floating head, you can effectively cut and rake out vegetation from the surface and depths of your pond.

Click here to get your Cutter 'N’ Rake.

By following our simple, cost-effective 3 step Pond Care Program, you can control nutrient pollution and improve the health of your pond, NATURALLY. Learn how to get rid of ‘Blue-Green Algae’ by clicking this link: Natural Solution to Blue-Green Algae Problem

<b>Traditional Chemicals VS Nature's Pond Conditioner</b>

Our Customer Stories

Even the bears love our pond

"I wish I heard about Koenders a long time ago. I initially started with chemicals but there was no end to 'feeding the beast' because of the amount of chemicals that needed to be put in as it wasn't actually treating the water issue, it's just killing off the resulting algae.

Koenders products have made a huge difference in the appearance and health of our pond. Thanks for all your help.

We use Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate and Koenders HD250 Electric Aerator."

Dan, Novato, California

Leaving more to the land than as we came to it

"Your product was made of great quality. I was not disappointed when my high school best friend Rito and I got to erect this windmill together in our retirement. We had no problems with parts and quality-very, very nice including the bag of spare parts. I would recommend the Nature’s Pond Care products as a healthy choice to enhance the benefits and bring out the full potential of a pond and its contribution to the quality of life on our properties. It helps treat the muck that can accumulate over time, and minimizes excessive algae effects. It is healthier for every critter that interfaces with my pond, besides myself."

Jim, Wisconsin

My Irrigation Pond

Clark has a 10-acre farm and uses his pond for irrigation. He has a Koenders 12ft Windmill and uses Nature's Pond Conditioner Ultra Concentrate. He is very proud of his pond and you can see why. See the before and after pictures below.

Clark, Calgary Alberta

Brandon can now see his fish! Water so clear!

Brandon and his grandparents' Koenders Windmill has been running for 20 years. He recently started using Nature's Pond Conditioner and is amazed. He said, "When you walk up to feed the fish, you see them coming from way out. The water is so clear."

Brandon, Indiana USA

Happy with his Improved Pond

Mark has a 1.25 acre pond. He has a Single Diaphragm Koenders Windmill for aeration and has been using Nature's Pond Conditioner ULTRA since spring 2019.

Mark, Beaumont, Texas

Blair and Jax Enjoy Ice Fishing

Thanks to Koenders aeration and Nature's Pond Conditioner, we are able to enjoy ice fishing again this winter.

Blair and Jax in Manitoba

I Love my Koenders Windmill

Such a beauty to look at my Koenders Windmill in John Deere green.

Wayne, Nova Scotia

Tom Installed his New Windmill

Tom was happy to take pictures of installing his new windmill...he said it was pretty easy, once you follow the instructions. He also said the service he got from us was great!

Tom, Mono ON

Pond Made Beautiful for Wedding!

Our pond is 1.5 million gallons and we have been using Koenders Windmill for 10+ yrs, ULTRA concentrate conditioner and dye for 3-4 years. We recently had a wedding next to our pond.

Dick, Olds Alberta